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Site News - Warner Home Video Schedules a New TV/Animation Online Chat with the Home Theater Forum

HTF's event, where WHV reps will answer DVD questions live, is planned for early April

Posted by David Lambert
Since 1999, our friends at The Home Theater Forum website have tried to hold annual online chats with a team of representatives from Warner Home Video. The studio answers live questions, in real time, posed by members of the discussion site. These events have proven so successful that since 2006 the HTF and WHV have split them up into two separate chats: one for the Theatrical releases on DVD and Blu-ray, and another one held later in the year for Television and Animation home video releases. In 2009, however, the HTF held their theatrical chat event, then underwent a change in the software which runs the website. Technical difficulties with IRC (chat) under the new system meant postponing the Television/Animation chat for 2009.

Now co-owner Ron Epstein and the other leaders of the Home Theater Forum have given us the early heads-up that a new Warner Home Video Television and Animation Live Online Chat has been scheduled at last. The official announcement will be made next week at their own website, but they didn't have a problem with us breaking the news that this event is finally on the way! The scheduled date is Monday, April 5th, from 5PM Pacific Time to 8PM Pacific Time. Topics, of course, will be strictly limited to Television and Animation questions. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with other rules for HTF chat events, too. Above all, participants are asked to be polite and respectful with these studio representatives, of course; they are nice enough to participate in these chats, and we want them to have a pleasant enough experience that they will be happy to come back and answer our questions again and again! Gord and/or myself will do our utmost to be at the chat, of course, so look for one or both of us there.

NOTES: Please do NOT send e-mails to us about what questions we should ask Warner on your behalf during the live chat; they will be deleted without being read. We are not holding the chat, the Home Theater Forum is. Gord and I (David) will simply be regular participants, like anybody else: during the chat each participant will - if lucky - get an opportunity to ask the studio ONE single question. Any question Gord poses, or I pose, will (and should) be entirely our own. For everybody else, if you have a question that you want Warner's answer to, then we urge you to find the time to participate in the chat yourself. Also be aware that the HTF prefers questions should not be discussed online by participating individuals prior to the chat, because the studio should give off-the-cuff answers that are not prepared in advance.

It is also worth mentioning that the answers to some potential questions about shows which are not released on DVD, or about shows that where previously released and are now "stalled" for further releases, might be found in our "What's the Hold-up?" FAQ, which we keep at the Notes tab of our Facebook fan page. Most of the information in that FAQ about shows in the Warner library is recent (it was last updated less than two weeks ago), so it is doubtful there will be much info for the WHV reps to amend with in regards to any series mentioned in the FAQ. However, if a participant prefers to use their question opportunity to ask about one of those shows to see if there is newer (or corrected) information, then that is up to the individual, and we're always curious to see what the studio's answers might be. Please try to be present from the beginning of the event, and in case the same question you plan to pose gets asked early by another individual, before you get an opportunity to do so, then you might want to have one or two backup questions prepared to ask instead (since you'll already have the studio's answer to your primary question).

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