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The Simpsons - D'oh! 800 # works jjust fine after all! Updated info on S6 'old-style box'

Posted by David Lambert
Last Friday we filled you in about the offer that went live today for The Simpsons - The Complete 6th Season, which started selling at midnight. The new season set comes in a "Homer's Head" box that is in the shape of our favorite animated paternal doofus. It opens up to reveal Homer's skull, plus the 4 DVDs that make up this set. Fox has generously offered to provide an old-style box, though, for people who don't like the idea of having their season sets change up on them in the middle of the DVD run.

When we wrote about this matter last week, we told our readers that there was a card enclosed in the box discussing the box offer, but that the toll free number on it was incorrect. We tried calling the 800# given on the card, and got an accounting firm. When we tried calling the same number with an 888 prefix instead, we got Fox's customer service line, and since it was after hours there was a voice message there...and it talked about the box change offer! Naturally, we assumed that there was a typo of some sort.

That wasn't the case after all. It turns out that today the 800# listed on the card went live for Fox. If you call it now...well, you'll have a LOT of rings before it gets answered, because it's very swamped at the moment. But when it gets picked up, you'll hear a recording of Homer telling you that you've called the right place. He'll insinuate that it's all a hoax, but it's not really...eventually a rep will pick up the phone (my call was answered by a very nice and polite young lady who seemed out of breathe but in a cheerful mood). I didn't go through the process there; I only called to verify that the number does indeed work. So, we apologize for the bad info last week...our mistake! Here's what the card insert looks like:

News Graphic

Instead of calling, though, it will probably be easier if you just head to and take care of ordering the new box there. At the site, it will be explained what your requirements are in order to make use of this offer:
  • A dislike for storing your digital media inside a hollowed out human head
  • Proof-of-Purchase (one of the following):
    • Original sales receipt
    • OR The 800# insert you found in the box
    • OR The original proof of purchase on the back of the episode guide booklet
  • For U.S. residents $2.95 for shipping and handling; For Canadian residents $4.95 for shipping and handling; Please make check or money order payable to 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment (Cash is not accepted - We pay for the package and you pay to send it)
  • A rear molar (optional)
  • A solemn promise to stop your whining
  • Redemption form (filled out at the site)

As you manuever through the site, you will be asked to declare your reasons for wanting to change to the old style boxes. You'll have this list of reasons to choose from:
  • Anal retentive (box must be identical)
  • Lonely (will pretend box is new best friend)
  • Will sell new box to collector nerds for huge profit
  • Just like free stuff
  • Big baby

I chose "Big baby" myself. Whatever your reason, if you want to make the switch to the old-style box, you'll be able to do it. At the end of your website set-up to mail in for your almost-free box downgrade, Fox assures you that they still love you. And we love them for thinking of this!

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