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Silicon Valley
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Silver Spoons - Here We Are: Sony Sez Silver Spoons in June!

Long-Awaited Sitcom Finally Comes Home On DVD

Posted by David Lambert
Ricky Schroder, Joel Higgins and (my own personal favorite) Erin Gray star in Silver Spoons, the classic '80s sitcom where mega-rich Edward Stratton III (Higgins) takes custody of his heretofore-unknown son, Ricky (played by Schroder), whose mother had sent him off to military school some time after she split from his father (they were only married for a week). Ricky and Edward's assistant, Kate (Gray), try to teach Edward to act his age and pay more attention to his business than his rich-man's toys, while Edward tries to get Ricky to loosen up and act more like a kid.

This wonderful NBC show is finally coming to DVD this summer, on June 19th according to Sony's tentative plans. All 22 first-season episodes will be on 3 discs, running 391 minutes (note: that may be a typo, as that works out to just seventeen minutes an episode) and just $29.95 SRP! Don't be surprised if a Ricky Schroder featurette shows up on this set, but Sony hasn't confirmed that as for-sure being included. But gobs of guest stars you know will be there on these episodes, such as Mr. T, Sharon Stone, Gary Coleman, Joey Lawrence, John Houseman, semi-regular Jason Bateman and regulars Leonard Lightfoot and Franklyn Seales. We *really* suspect this won't be the final cover art, but it's cool with the mega-sized toy train and all, so we're gonna share it with you for now. Stay tuned for any updates or changes, which could happen to any of the info in this story when Sony makes all of this official:

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Silver Spoons

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