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Seinfeld - Best Buy offers Seinfeld Bonus Disc & Special 'TV-DVD' Issue of Entertaiment Weekly...We've Got Details! *UPDATED*

Posted by David Lambert
Next Tuesday, November 23rd sees the long-awaited, highly-anticipated debut of Seinfeld on DVD. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (formerly Columbia/Tristar) is promoting the heck out of it, too...did you catch Jerry on The Late Show with David Letterman last night? Funny as ever...he certainly hasn't lost his touch!

Among the various promotions that stands out is the deal which Best Buy will be offering. We first got word of it a couple of weeks ago, when the issue of Entertainment Weekly that had Elton John on the cover had this to say on page 68 (thanks to various readers, starting with "Kevin," for passing this on to us):
    Buy Seinfeld Volume 1, Volume 2, or the Gift Set (includes the first 3 seasons and extras) and receive your free exclusive Entertainment Weekly special edition issue of "The Best TV on DVD" and an exclusive Seinfeld bonus disc, instantly.

The EW ad was short on details, namely on what the bonus disc would contain, and we've been inundated with e-mail asking us to find out what will be on it. We've contacted Best Buy directly, and here is what we were told:
  • In Best Buy's 11/21 circular ad, they are highlighting Seinfeld Vol 1. (seasons 1 and 2) Vol. 2 (Season 3) and Vol. 3 (gift set including all 3 seasons). As mentioned, they have an exclusive bonus disc available with the purchase of any Volume.
  • The exclusive DVD is called "Life Before Seinfeld ." It contains a featurette of interviews with the memorable characters from Seinfeld: George and Jerry's parents, Newman, Puddy, Uncle Leo, and more.
  • Also, customers who buy any Seinfeld DVD will also receive an exclusive Entertainment Weekly TV-DVD Magazine. Seinfeld with be prominently featured in the publication, but the focus is on TV shows now on DVD.

Very cool! This promotion is going to be in-stores, only, and quantities are limited. We're trying to get ahold of an illustration of the bonus disc and the special issue of EW, so check back at this news story for possible updates. Our thanks to the folks at Best Buy for their help and co-operation.

Readers such as Scott Phillips, Ken Hommel, and Will Banister have written in to point out that has this listing to do an online purchase of the Seinfeld bonus disc separately, for $3.99 plus any shipping/taxes that would be accessed. If you have already ordered Seinfeld at a great price from someone like Amazon, but still want this bonus disc, then this is a great way to still be able to get it. Apparently you won't get the special Entertainment Weekly "The Best TV on DVD" issue, but them's the breaks. Here is the art of the bonus disc as portrayed at the listing, except we've un-squeezed it horizontally:

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