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Seinfeld - Survey reveals more details, possible cover art for upcoming DVDs

Posted by David Lambert
Back on the 20th, we posted some great news about Seinfeld coming to DVD. Now we've gotten some more information that's sure to be of interest.

The other day reader Gian C. Mignone wrote us with this interesting story:
    I was at the Best Buy at the Mall of Georgia here in north metro Atlanta. There were 2 gentlemen from a survey company taking a survey on the Seinfeld DVDs. All the packaging indicated Seasons 1 & 2 on 4 discs.

    They had 4 samples of the outside packaging, 4 samples of each of the 4 DVD jewel boxes in the packaging and some samples of the labels. They also had samples of potential gifts to be included. The gift choices were bobblehead dolls, coffee cup set, chinese soup bowls, and a picture frame. They asked all the standard questions about which I liked and why.

    They also asked about Larry Sanders!?!

    I got a Spiderman 2 Tee Shirt for my time.

Jealous? Well, if you don't mind missing out on the t-shirt, then you too can take part in this survey! Another reader, Neil Bradley, wrote in to say that this link to the on-line survey was posted over at the UseNet newsgroup "" I took the survey, and saw the four sample box covers Gian was talking about. I grabbed shots of these for you to see, plus a close-up of the sticker with all the Bonus Features described on it:

News Graphic

The survey also asks, like the one Gian described, about potential gifts to be included in the Seasons 1 & 2/Season 3 Gift Set that we described in our last news item. However, in the online version of the survey, there were 8 different possible gifts to express your likes and dislikes over:
  • Salt and pepper shaker in the shape of a Ketchup ("Red Sun of Krypton") and Mustard ("Yellow Sun of Earth") bottle on opposite sides of a napkin dispenser.
  • Picture frame with Monk's CafĂ©, where the gang ate their meals, around the edges.
  • Playing cards in a tin container that have the different characters on each card.
  • Set of bobble heads of each of the four Seinfeld characters.
  • Set of four "Party of Four" Chinese soup bowls.
  • Limited Edition Seinfeld script which includes original handwritten notes from head writer and co-creator Larry David.
  • Coffee cup set of four which has images of each cast member on the bottom of the cup with images from the show on the saucer.
  • Tin intercom that plays memorable sound bites from Seinfeld.

News Graphic

When you're done taking the survey, it will take you next to the Sony Seinfeld Home Page. There you'll see a "Seinfeld - DVD Coming Soon" button in the upper case you needed yet another reminder that these are on the way!

Not enough? Don't worry, you can see a live sneak peek in just a couple of weeks. On June 15th the film 50 First Dates arrives on DVD. This Columbia TriStar release contains a teaser trailer for Seinfeld. Thanks to a reader who calls himself "PurpleMan," we managed to get these 4 shots of the trailer in action, showing off some of the supplements described above in the "Bonus Features" sticker we pictured:

News Graphic

If 50 First Dates isn't to your taste, then look for the same teaser trailer in July's release of Hellboy on DVD.

Seinfeld - Seasons 1 & 2 will be out on DVD in November (18 episodes, 4 discs, $49.95 SRP). On the exact same day you'll be able to buy Seinfeld - Season 3 (22 episodes, 4 discs, $49.95 SRP). And both boxsets will be combined together into a gift set packaged with one (1) of the gifts, probably chosen from those pictured above ($129.95 SRP). We don't have exact release dates yet, but we're watching for them

Each release will be packaged in individual "thinpak" slim cases for each disc, within an outer slipcase of either plastic or board (probably chosen from the designs pictured above). Extras will include participation from all four major cast members, plus Larry David and others. The video is being remastered in high definition. And the studio is treating this like a major motion picture's home video debut, with world-wide release, major publicity events, and more. I think it will be hard for fans to find anything to be disappointed with on these releases!

Stay tuned, we're tight on top of this, of course.

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