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In Search of... - USA Date Delayed Again for Leonard Nimoy's Show; Other VEI Titles Also Delayed, It Seems

There's also a possibility that In Search of... - The Complete Collection won't be available in Canada, except by importing it from the USA

Posted by David Lambert
Our most recent report about VEI's release of In Search of... - The Complete Collection on DVD said to expect the title on November 20th in Canada and on November 27th in the USA. That schedule was not kept, and the most recent info on's pre-order listing said to expect this title in the States today, December 4th. This morning, however, the e-tailer's entry changed again, now saying it will be out December 11th. We're not sure if the delay is with VEI, with their State-side distributors (Millennium Media Services for some retail outfits, and now Phase 4 for other retailers), with customs, or what.

Last week we were told by VEI that this title is produced, the packages are assembled, and the title would be ready to go. But now it's been pushed back again, and even VEI's online store (note: purchasing titles there does not support TVShowsOnDVD, but purchasing from the Amazon links we provide helps support us and keep us in business) shows that the item won't begin shipping from them until this Friday, December 7th. Worse, it shows that the title will not be available to ship in Canada! It looks like interested Canadians will have to import the title from U.S.A. retailers.

However, this isn't the only item VEI was slated to deliver this quarter which has apparently been delayed, in one or both countries. If you look at the full list of TV-DVD titles from Visual Entertainment for release through (USA) or from VEI's native Canada (, you'll see the following titles are listed thus:
  • McMillan and Wife - The Complete Series: available since Nov. 27th in Canada, but in the USA Amazon says this item is not in stock (indicating that they possibly haven't received any deliveries of it so far). VEI's online store says it's been available since Nov. 30th, though. And it's significantly less expensive there, too.
  • Cagney & Lacey - The Complete 2nd Season: Actually the show's third broadcast season (but the "real" second one, with Sharon Gless on the cast), this item apparently has been available since November 13th in Canada, but still isn't shown as being in-stock on State-side, and doesn't seem to be listed at all for VEI's online store.
  • Cagney & Lacey - The Complete Series (retail configuration): this 32-DVD "Gless-episodes-only" set was supposed to be available in both countries by today, but doesn't show in-stock on either or as of this writing. VEI's online store shows the 38-DVD Limited Edition version of it is still available, as it has been for a few weeks now (and I am thoroughly enjoying my copy of it!).
  • Hell's Kitchen - Season 8: This round of Chef Gordon Ramsay's reality show was supposed to be available on DVD by now, in both USA and Canada, but isn't showing as in-stock for either countrie's Amazon listings. Nor has the date changed in those listings, but VEI's online store suggests that the title might have been pushed back a week, to December 11th.
  • Hell's Kitchen - Seasons 1-8 Box Set: The Amazon listings for both USA and Canada also show no stock available for this compilation box set. While VEI's online store doesn't seem to list the title at all, we suspect that if the Season 8 individual set is pushed back a week, then this item will have been delayed for the same amount of time. Just a guess, though.
The studio has not yet responded to our inquiries on the matter, but we hope to find out more about the situation with each title and update you more thoroughly as soon as we can. Stay tuned!

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