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Sealab 2021 - MASSIVE Adult Swim News: Sealab, Brak, Space Ghost, Aqua Teen, Birdman, Venture Bros.!

Posted by David Lambert
We've gotten e-mails from several of our readers - such as Whitney G and Jason O'Malley; thanks! - that the Adult Swim programming block on Cartoon Network had shown a card this past Sunday night, just before The Brak Show aired. It had a rundown of the upcoming DVD release schedule for the Adult Swim shows. Thanks to a link supplied by "The Drizzle" at, we were able to get the actual layout of the card, as reproduced by a person who calls themselves "Goz" at the Adult Swim Message Boards. Everybody say "Thanks, Goz!":

DVDRelease Schedule

Winter '04 Spring '05
Brak V1 SGC2C V3
Sealab V2 Birdman V1

Summer '05 Fall '05
Sealab V3 Venture V1

[adult swim]

get you some.

[adult swim]

The good news for Sealab 2021 fans is that you get a Volume 2 release this winter, and Volume 3 next Summer! This will please a lot of our readers, who just a few months ago were quite upset that Sealab wasn't even on the RADAR (or should it be SONAR?) scope!

Fans of The Brak Show will also jump for joy, knowing that he's on-the-way for the Winter '04 timeframe as well. Harvey Birdman, Attorney-At-Law makes his case next Spring. And The Venture Bros. make their heroic DVD entrance in the Fall 2005 era. Long-range plans indeed, and possibly open to change while we wait. Oh, and speaking of changed plans...

What's extremely interesting about this is the change in plans it represents when compared to an April report from IGN FilmForce. Then, the plans for November were that Aqua Teen Hunger Force - Volume 3 and Space Ghost Coast To Coast - Volume 2 would show up in time for holiday gift-giving. Now it looks like the plans have clearly changed for ATHF - V3, as it gets put on the back burner until a year from now!

Even more confusing is that SGC2C - V2 isn't even mentioned on this list, but the 3rd Volume is planned to hit in time for the Spring thaw, and Volume 4 is in-the-pipe as well. So, where did Volume 2 go? Why isn't it on that card? Hmmm...well, let's think for a minute: technically "November 2004" is part of the "Fall '04" timeframe, and "Winter '04" is from Dec. 21, 2004 to March 20, 2005. So perhaps Brak and Sealab V2 will actually hit after the first of the year, maybe as late as February. We don't know; we're just speculating. We'll try to dig into this with Warner Home Video, who distributes the Adult Swim line-up on DVD. Another question we'll ask about SGC2C - V2 is: "will a second 'Swim' title still accompany it?" We don't know...yet. We'll certainly be looking into this whole business, though!

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