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Saved by the Bell - 'The Complete Collection' Now Available: Details and Packaging

Canadian-only release streeted today (3/13) from Alliance Films Media

Posted by David Lambert
    Set in the fictional town of Palisades, California, the series follows six teenagers through their fun-filled days at Bayside School and their antic-filled nights at their favourite hang-out, The Max. Heartthrobs Zack and A.C. are forever vying for the attention of Kelly, the prettiest and most popular girl in school. Screech is the class clown and electronic genius, and fashion conscience Lisa is mostly occupied with expanding her wardrobe. Jessie is the neutralizing force, often trying to convince the gang to do the right thing, all while school principal Mr. Belding is continuously trying to connect with the younger generation.
This past January we reported that was showing a Canadian release of Saved by the Bell - The Complete Collection on DVD, with all 5 seasons of the show with Zack, Kelly, Slater, Jessie, Screech, Lisa and Mr. Belding. It was said to be scheduled for yesterday, March 12th (a Monday? nah!) and no studio info was provided at the time.

Now we can confirm that's info was off by a day, and that the studio putting it out - Alliance Films Media - had actually scheduled its street date as today, March 13th. The 13-DVD set, priced at CA$61.99 SRP, does NOT include the "Good Morning, Miss Bliss" production with Hayley Mills, or the later spin-off shows "The College Years' or "The New Class." It DOES, however, include the reunion telefilms "Hawaiian Style" and "Wedding in Las Vegas." shows the title as "out of stock" as of this writing, which means they either didn't get stock on time (possibly because of a slower and less expensive overland freight shipment rather than a quicker airborne delivery), or else sold out their initial first stock delivery quickly thanks to pre-orders. Alliance's official information is that the title did indeed release today, so if you're a Canadian then you might be able to find it a participating retailer near you. Below is the package art for this title!

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Saved by the Bell - The Complete Collection
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