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Saved by the Bell - 'Mr. Belding' Tweets Info About Recording Extras for a Future Blu-ray Set!

No official word from the studio yet, however

Posted by David Lambert
You know, we thought the program was shot on video rather than film, which would make it rather difficult to be a candidate for a high-def release...but perhaps we're misremembering? Because a few days ago the certified Twitter account of Dennis Haskins, the actor who played principal "Mr. Belding" on the show, says that a Blu-ray Disc release is in the offing for Saved by the Bell:

Earlier today Haskins tweeted clarification that the project is underway by Lionsgate Entertainment, the studio which released all 5 seasons of the show on DVD between 2003 and 2005. There's no announcement from the studio, however; just word from one of the main cast that he's recorded extras for it. We've always trusted "Mr. Belding," of course, so we're sure that this is more than mere gossip. But still, for now, let's count this one in the "rumors" column, just to be sure, until Lionsgate makes it official. Our thanks to reader Matthew G. Smith for pointing us toward the available info. Stay tuned for updates, as further developments occur!

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