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Sam & Max: Freelance Police - Our Highly Improbable Plan Worked, Sam: Shout! For DVDs

You crack me up, little buddy.

Posted by David Lambert
Who wants Sam & Max: Freelance Police on DVD? Do you want to Shout! for it?

The folks at Shout! Factory are prepping a set, according to these posts at their online forum community:
  • YoshiAngemon: Say, I know Nelvana has the rights to this show, but I wonder if you'd be willing to release it on DVD. Maybe you can get Steve Purcell, the creator of that pair of comical heroes made up of the dog wearing the suit, and the episodic, psychotic lagomorph, involved in the production of such. I'm sure it would be a good idea! Then again, what hasn't?
  • B Ward: Hmmm... You may be onto something there. *hint, hint, nudge, nudge, wink, wink*
  • Spelunker88: It was a long time ago since I've last seen it if I've seen it at all. I checked wikipedia (inaccurate I know) and there lists 24 episodes. Shouldn't it have 26 episodes? I'm actually confused around here.
  • B Ward: Actually, the majority of full-length seasons are only 22 episodes. There are some notable exceptions, of course. In the case of Sam & Max: Freelance Police, there were only 13 half-hour episodes. Don't get excited... I know what you're thinking. All but two of these episodes (the first and last) were split up into two cartoons a piece. Therefore, the total number of stories is 24 spread out over 13 episodes. Oh, and by the way... We're developing this title's box set right now. Tee hee... P.S.-- That's right. I said it. "Tee hee."
Brian Ward is a Producer and Manager of DVD and Home video at Shout! Factory. We requested comments about this, especially hoping to get a release timeframe, but we did not receive a reply in time for our deadline. That's okay, we'll leave them alone and let them get work done on this set, which is the important thing, right? Our thanks to reader "McDeuly" for the heads up about those posts! Stay tuned and we'll keep you informed about any developments we become aware of.

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