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Sam & Max: Freelance Police - More Details about Shout!'s DVD Bonus Material for Sam & Max

Sounds like it will be an awesome set!

Posted by David Lambert
Recently we've posted an update about Shout! Factory's planned 3-DVD release of Sam & Max: Freelance Police. That contained a bit of info from Shout! DVD Producer Brian Ward, about the bonus material planned for that set. Now Brian, while we were talking to him about some other projects, has given us more detail about the Sam & Max extras. Since he's so passionate about this particular project, we'll just let his own words speak for themselves:
    Sam & Max...Ah, Sam & Max...

    Seriously, this one has become my favorite. I was a huge fan of the comics and the video game before the series originally aired, so I'm making sure to take excellent care of this title.

    Right now, we have a GREAT featurette with creator Steve Purcell that looks back at the history of the characters and the show. We also have a featurette featuring the gang from Telltale Games, the company responsible for the Sam & Max Season 1 episodic games on Gametap. If everything goes according to plan, we might have a little something extra from those guys, but nothing's official, yet.

    We do have the three shorts that aired along with the episodes and have included an original short film that was written and co-directed by Purcell, as well, called Sam & Max: Our Bewildering Universe. If you're a fan of the characters, you may have seen this short before, but we thought it would be nice to include on the set for posterity.

    We'll also have the usual gathering of artwork and we might even include the Series Bible, which was written by Purcell. All of these bonus materials are, of course, pending final approval by Nelvana. But regardless, I'm having so much fun with this set!
And it sounds like we will have fun with that set, too! We can't wait. We are grateful to Brian for his candid look at this. Stay tuned for the release date, cover art, and cost when all of that gets finalized!

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