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Russia's War: Blood Upon the Snow (mini-series) - E1 to Release the Documentary on DVD **CORRECTED**

10-part production coming on 3 discs late in November

Posted by David Lambert
CORRECTION (10/14): E1 Entertainment contacted us this morning, to inform that we had mistakenly received an earlier version of their press release for this title, which contained a factual inaccuracy. Henry Kissinger does not host the program on this DVD release. We regret any confusion this may have caused, and we've updated both the headline to this story, and the press release below with E1's corrected wording.

Russia's War: Blood Upon the Snow

Order this title from

Press Brief

"PBS shows the real Stalin" - The Washington Times"

"There has never been as vivid or terrifying an account on
television of the Soviet People's ordeal" - Newsday

November 24


Some atrocities perpetrated during wartime are tempered by the passage of time, becoming anesthetized numbers in the annals of history. Other acts are so heinous, a full accounting has simply been buried by those seeking refuge from persecution and condemnation. Such is the story behind Joseph Stalin's implacable reign of terror, which has been detailed like never before in the eight-hour documentary series RUSSIA'S WAR: BLOOD UPON THE SNOW. Called "a detailed indictment of the crimes of Stalinist tyranny," the 10-part series, which originally aired on PBS, makes its DVD debut from E1 Entertainment in a 3-disc set priced to add to the collection of every military history buff for $39.98 SRP.

Bringing to life the story of the people of the Soviet Union during World War II who struggled to survive Stalin, RUSSIA'S WAR: BLOOD UPON THE SNOW is a compelling and definitive history of dictatorship, bloody battles, and endless courage as the Soviets combat not only Hitler and the Germany Army, but their own leader as well.

Featuring rarely seen archival war photographs and astonishing footage from over a dozen countries...some of which is believed to be the only filmed evidence of the some of the most infamous WWII atrocities, such as the Katyn Forest massacre of 4,000 Polish officers by the Soviets and what the filmmakers contend is the only documentary evidence of Stalin's Order 227, his brutal decree to embattled troops at Stalingrad that any Red Army soldier in retreat would be shot by "blocking units" bringing up the army's rear...once-secret documents from the Kremlin's own Presidential Archives and the former KGB, and leading Russian historians who witnessed this history first-hand (including Stalin's biographer Dmitrii Volkogonov), RUSSIA'S WAR is as powerful and gripping wartime documentary as viewers are ever likely to see.

Format : DVD/3 Discs
Run time: Approx 520 mins. ea.
Price: $39.98 SRP

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Russia's War: Blood Upon the Snow (mini-series)

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