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Rugrats - 6th Though 9th Seasons Now Represented on DVD with 4 More MOD Sets

Now available as of yesterday, exclusively from Amazon's CreateSpace program

Posted by David Lambert
Recently we reported that Amazon's CreateSpace manufacture-on-demand (MOD) program had teamed up with Nickelodeon to make Rugrats - Season 3 and Season 4 available on DVD. Even more recently - just two days ago! - we followed up with word that Season 5 was also available the same way. Now Amazon's added CreateSpace MOD listings for Season 6 ($39.98 SRP), Season 7 ($35.98 SRP), Season 8 ($19.98 SRP), and The Best of Season 9 ($15.98 SRP), too! Why "the best of" on the ninth season? No explanation was available about that. All four of these titles have been made available as of yesterday, October 6th. Cover art is immediately below, and underneath the artwork are studio-provided descriptions for each of these titles. Enjoy!

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Rugrats - Season 6, Season 7, Season 8, Best of Season 9

  • Babies and general men, prepare for a journey into the lives of your favorite group of toddlers in Rugrats, Season 6! Join the babies as they attend a wedding, get trapped at the zoo and visit an art museum! Witness their endless imaginations as the babies pretend they're in a Reptar movie and Tommy thinks he's turning into a monster. Then, the babies dream they're small but Dil is huge, Chuckie ruins his iconic shirt and studies street safety! Plus, Angelica tells Tommy he will disappear when Dil gets all his toys, and Tommy worries that they'll stay babies forever if they don't stop sucking their thumbs! Also, watch as the Rugrats cross paths with Aaahh!!! Real Monsters when the babies and Angelica tell a ghost story! And that's just the start of the adventures, so line up accordion to size and don't miss out on Rugrats, Season 6!

  • Blast up and ride the rockachip - It's Season 7 of Rugrats! Once again, the babies find themselves in a slew of adventures - both real and imaginary - like when the babies think Dil is trapped in the computer, or when they wish on shooting stars. Meanwhile, Angelica's as busy as ever - she seeks a sibling, competes in a talent contest with Susie, breaks Charlotte's phone, gets a watch and hosts a talk show! Plus, Chuckie and his new sister, Kimi, officially become family when Chas and Kira adopt the other's child! Plus, join the babies as they learn about and celebrate Kwanzaa. And you won't want to miss out on the final episode of this monumental season - the one-hour special, "All Growed Up" - which shows the babies' lives10 years in the future, and spawned the hit spinoff series!

  • Come see the seventh blunder of the world! Well, not quite, but come watch Rugrats, Season 8! The babies' imaginations continue to get the better of them, as Angelica convinces them that they will turn into their costumes at the end of Halloween, and they think that Dil has turned into a doll! Also, Angelica pretends to be a doctor and Didi enrolls in college, then Chuckie loses his first library card and thinks he is allergic to his little sister, Kimi! Plus, the babies get a new babysitter, visit an aquarium and become secret agents! Enjoy classic episodes like "Murmur on the Ornery Express" and "Okey-Dokey Jones and the Ring of the Sunbeams!" For peep's sake, don't miss out on hours of adventure in Rugrats, Season 8!

  • It may not be a show all about stuper heroes, but the toast is clear for excitement in Rugrats, Season 9! Join Tommy, Chuckle, Phil, Lil, Angelica, Susie and Dil as they vacation at a pirate-themed family resort, go to the circus and put on an awards show! Meanwhile, Angelica forces Santa to quit as Kira and Chas celebrate their first Christmas together, and Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil fear a mascot, an incoming alien invasion, and worry they will be sold at a toddler-clothing sale! Then, find out what happens when the formerly infallible Tommy loses his courage! Plus, Kimi gets cast in a movie, the babies search for a birthday cake, and Tommy, Angelica and Susie compete in a pet show. The more the berrier in Rugrats, Season 9!

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