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Roseanne - DVD Tidbits: Season 2 Extras; Star Says No More Syndicated Cuts; Exclusive Extra at Target on Season 1

Posted by David Lambert
In the four months since Anchor Bay informed us that Roseanne - The Complete 2nd Season would ship out on December 6th, information has been slowly trickling out about that release. The most important update, though, came two weeks ago when the studio unveiled the box art for this set, and let us know at the same time that the second season would contain complete episodes as originally broadcast, instead of those shorter "syndication cuts" which are done for re-runs so they can squeeze in some extra commercials.

Roseanne herself has been on a tear about this lately, speaking out about this on radio and television. As she ramps her stand-up routine back up for an upcoming HBO special she plans to record, she's doing radio call-in interviews around the country, and talking plainly about this subject whenever she's asked. About a week and a half ago she was interviewed by Paul Harris on KMOX in St. Lous (thanks to reader Neil Ottenstein for finding this for us), and if you listen to the 12-plus minute audio clip of the interview, a few seconds prior to the 6-and-a-half minute mark she's asked about the first season DVDs. She says that fans are asking her about how each episode is missing around two minutes of show, and she complained to the studio...who assured her that for Season 2 and beyond that only the original network broadcast versions would be found on the DVDs. When Harris suggests that the studio did this on purpose to try to get fans to double-dip with a "special original-cut edition" of the rookie season, Roseanne (who's once more going by "Roseanne Barr" now, she points out) states flat out that she doesn't think these guys are that smart.

Another reader, Cindy Bass, told us that the entire cast of Roseanne were guests on Larry King Live this past Sunday, and how fans phoning into the show were also talking about the syndicated cuts on the first season set. Roseanne re-iterated that this is being fixed from Season 2 onward, so spread the word to other fans of the show, okay?

Moving on to new and exciting info for the 2nd Season set, we've got a list of extras for you, courtesy of the pre-order listing (where you can lock in your copy now at just $27.99, which is 30% off the list price):
  • John Goodman: A candid interview
  • Best of Season Two
  • Wacky Jackie
  • Rosesanne United--Season One Launch Party
  • John Goodman Audition

That listing may not be complete, though, as Anchor Bay - while they haven't given out a complete list of the set contents as of yet - did mention in passing in their heads-up announcement that the release has "exclusive Extras that include new interviews with John Goodman and Michael Fishman, rare behind-the-scenes footage and more." Nowhere in the Amazon listing is anything mentioned with Fishman, who played young D.J. Connor throughout most of the show (Sal Barone played D.J. in the first episode, and then Fishman took over for the rest of the series run). We'll keep an eye on that, but we thank our reader "Matt" for the heads-up about Amazon. Matt was not sure what "Wacky Jackie" is all about, but we think it's a set of clips featuring Laurie Metcalf's best moments playing "Jackie Harris," sister to Roseanne Connor.

Speaking of extras, we had missed the fact that Target was (and still is) selling a version of the Roseanne - Season 1 box set which features an exclusive supplement not available anywhere else:

News Graphic

Apologies that this pic is fuzzy (I took it with the camera in my cellphone), but as you can see from that sticker on the boxes at Target stores, this has an EXTRA extra called "The Best of Dan Connor," which as the name implies, is clips of John Goodman in action as his character. Our thanks to reader Alen Vartanian for being the first to let us know about this, and we're sorry we were so long in letting everyone know about it.

Stay tuned for more Roseanne DVD updates as we find out about them!

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