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Roseanne - Mill Creek Announces 'The Complete 1st Season'...UNEDITED!

DVD sets for it, and also for 'The Complete 2nd Season', are in stores this September, at a low price

Posted by David Lambert
    Roseanne is the glue the keeps the Conner family together as they struggle with life's essential problems: Marriage, Children, Money and Parents. Both Roseanne and Dan work hard, but can never seem to get out debt. A typical, blue-collar American family. Starring: Roseanne, John Goodman, Sara Gilbert, Laurie Metcalf, Michael Fishman, Lecy Goranson.

    Season One highlights unconventional parenting methods of Roseanne and Dan Conner who generate tons of laughs in this hit sitcom. The complete, UNCUT, original broadcast edits of all 23 episodes available for the FIRST TIME on DVD! Guest Starring: Natalie West, George Clooney, Ned Beatty, Estelle Parsons and Fred Thompson.

    In Season Two the Conners take on the school council, police a coed party, lock-up the liquor cabinet and more. Watch the Conner family as they deal with everyday problems like juggling work and family, and trying to make ends meet. The Conners know how to stick together, and are a real family, with comical antics along with dramatic moments. Roseanne and Dan are always there for each other, and their trio of children, as they watched them grow up, fall in love and make good and bad decisions.
From 2005 to 2007, Anchor Bay Entertainment released Roseanne on DVD, and fans loved it...with one notable exception! Consumers were VERY unhappy with the so-called "Complete 1st Season, because it wasn't complete in their eyes: Carsey-Werner, the production studio which owns the property, had supplied Anchor Bay with the edited-for-syndication versions of the first season episodes! And that was never corrected, throughout the entire time Anchor Bay held that licensing contract. But now those rights have expired, and all of the old DVD sets for Roseanne have gone out of print.

Earlier this year, however, Mill Creek Entertainment issued a press release about their new contract with Carsey-Werner, licensing several of that company's shows - including Roseanne - for new DVD releases with completely UNCUT episodes. That's great news, but it's even better to know when you can buy them, right? Well, this week Mill Creek announced that their re-releases of Roseanne - The Complete 1st Season (with "The Complete, UNCUT Original Broadcast Edits") and Roseanne - The Complete 2nd Season (also uncut, of course) will be available on September 13th. Each of these 3-DVD sets will cost only $14.98 SRP, so upgrading should be a very easy choice here! Check out the Amazon listings at the button link, and the box cover art for each title:

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Roseanne - The Complete 1st Season

Roseanne - The Complete 2nd Season

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