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Rocket Robin Hood - The Classic Animated Show Ralph Bakshi Worked On is Back on the Schedule! **IMPORTANT CORRECTION!** shows two listings for DVD releases are planned to be available in just over a month

Posted by David Lambert
    Rocket Robin Hood is a popular Canadian animated television series that premiered in 1966, that takes the characters and conflicts associated with the classic legend of Robin Hood and sets it in a futuristic, outer space setting. In the astounding year 3000 lives Rocket Robin Hood, a Space Age version and descendant of the medieval outlaw who, accompanied by such latter-day Merry Men as brawny Little John, "pleasingly plump" Friar Tuck, and spritied re-goateed Will Scarlet, continues his ancestor's crusade against heavy taxation, despotism, and the general forces of evil.
Such is the studio description of Rocket Robin Hood, one of animation genius Ralph Bakshi's earliest writing credits (the IMDB says he also had uncredited work on the show producing and directing), from the folks who own the property at Seville Pictures. In late 2007 (first October 23rd, then delayed to November 27th), Seville was planning to release (in Canada) the entire 52-episode run of the classic animated program on DVD. It was to have been broken into two releases, each with half the show on it (26 episodes per set), labeled Rocket Robin Hood - Volume 1 and Volume 2, and both were to come out on the same day.

Then Seville found a problem with the French tracks for the release and was going to delay it just long enough to fix this. Soon after, though, Seville changed home video distributors from Warner Home Video of Canada (who had already issued cancellation notices for the titles) to Paradox Entertainment Group (both Seville and Paradox are now a part of E1 Entertainment, formerly Koch Vision). The thought at the time was that the two DVD sets were still coming, and probably "soon." But for the past two years since that previous release date, all has been quiet. Too quiet, as it turned out, and many fans were frankly giving up on seeing these releases happen. But today we've got some terrific news for all you patient fans of this show!

The previous listings for those titles at (the Canadian branch) are inactive, but yesterday we found that had added two new DVD pre-order listings for Rocket Robin Hood, here and here, both showing a release date of November 17th. That's next month, and just ten days shy of the two-year anniversary of the previous release date.

For some reason, both listings at are currently labeled as "V1" (volume one) on the titles. But our guess is that this is just a typo on one of them, and so one of these listings is probably supposed to read "V2" instead. No idea which one, though...still, a fan would want to buy both volumes, so it would be okay to pre-order both of them now, regardless! [IMPORTANT: NO IT IS NOT; PLEASE SEE THE CORRECTION BELOW!] Cost is CA$29.99 SRP per set (and is discounting it, of course). That's significantly less than the old list price of CA$44.99 for each seven-disc set. We don't know what the disc count, or content, will be on these new releases. We've asked the studio to fill us in on the new details, to provide package art, etc., and we'll share that update with you once we receive all of that. Stay tuned!

CORRECTION (10/9): We have been informed by the distributor that the above-provided listings for are NOT for a "Volume 1" and a "Volume 2" after all. Both are for the same 4-DVD Rocket Robin Hood - Volume 1 set. One (ASIN #B002OHROO2) is in the English language, and the other (ASIN #B002OHROOC) is in the French language! We've got more details for you in our new write-up posted today. Please come read it for all of the available info.

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