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Robin of Sherwood - Robin gets a US release!

Posted by Gord Lacey
Robin of Sherwood is finally getting a US release! Acorn Media has obtained the rights to the series which was previously only available as a Region 1 release imported from the UK, and they've announced plans to release "Set 1."

Acorn hasn't officially announced the set yet, so we're just going by the details listed on They list it as a 5 disc set, running 676 mins. The series ran for 26 episodes, so Acorn may have plans to split it in half, with 13 episodes on each set, which means set 1 would have seasons 1 and 2, and season 3 would contain the final 13 episodes. Of course that's just a guess on our part, but it makes sense, and it would mean 52 mins per episode, which sounds about right. Amazon has the suggested price of $59.99 marked down to $44.99. The set will be available on March 13, 2007.

A big thanks to Jacqueline Legere for letting us know this was coming.

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