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Riptide - VEI's Riptide Release Details, Back of Box, + A Bonus Ep From Another Stephen J. Cannell Series

Posted by David Lambert
Last week we brought you news about the VEI release in Canada of Riptide - The Complete 1st Season. While supposedly a Canada-only release (the USA version comes from Sony), this item is completely compatible with all DVD players sold in North America (including the United States), comes out a month sooner, costs a little bit less (after converting CAN dollars to USA dollars, it's about $8 cheaper), and now we know it's got a bonus episode on it as well!

The bonus episode on the Canadian DVD set is from another Stephen J. Cannell series, Street Justice, starring Carl Weathers of Rocky fame ("Apollo Creed"). We'll have more information about that show and its bonus episode below for you, in the text sent over by VEI. In the meantime, let's talk street dates, since Stephen J. Cannell's website is doing so!

In our previous news item, VEI had only stated "Late August" as the release timeframe for Riptide - The Complete 1st Season. Down below, VEI's text states that Street Justice will see release this Fall. However, news posted on 7/17 at Cannell's website gives these very specific release dates:
    Three of Stephen's most beloved television shows are about to be released on DVD in Canada! (Sadly, that's only Canada for all of you in the rest of the world.) The dates for release are: Hardcastle & McCormick, the second season, August 15, 2006, Riptide, the first season, August 15th, 2006, and last but definitely not least, Street Justice, the first season on September 15, 2006. Check back on our television pages for updated buy info.

How accurate is that? Well, you judge: Cannell's site says Hardcastle & McCormick's 2nd Season will hit on 8/15, but VEI told us it was 8/22, and that was in news TVShowsOnDVD posted two days after Cannell's site's info. So take the Cannell site's dates with a grain of salt, but it should be somewhere in the ballpark. With all due respect to our friends at VEI, they DO seem to have a bit of trouble nailing down exact release dates more than a few weeks in advance of a release. Although, often such a phenomenon is due to delays at the replicating plants, so it may not entirely be within their control.

In the meantime, VEI has sent over a list of the episodes for their release of Riptide - The Complete 1st Season, information on Street Justice and the bonus episode of that show included on Riptide, and also the back of the box art for Riptide as well. That all follows; enjoy!

1. Pilot [2 Hours] - Airdate: Jan. 3, 1984
    Guest Cast: Karen Kopins (Dallas), Patrick Dollaghan, Cianni Russo (Prison Break, Pacific Palisades), Marla Heasley (The A-Team)
2. Conflict of Interest - Airdate: Jan. 10, 1984
    Guest Cast: Kristen Meadows, Robert Desideno, Bill Overton
3. Somebody's Killing the Great Geeks of America - Airdate: Jan. 17, 1984
    Guest Cast: Cindy Pickett, Rodney Kageyama
4. Hatchet Job - Airdate: Jan. 31, 1984
    Guest Cast: Randi Brooks, Beau Starr, Deborah Shelton (The Yellow Rose), Mike Genovese (ER), Katherine Kelly Lang
5. The Mean Green Love Machine - Airdate: Feb 7, 1984
    Guest Cast: James Luisi (The Rockford Files), Mary-Margaret Humes (Dawson's Creek), Robert Sampson.
6. Diamonds Are For Never - Airdate: Feb. 21, 1984
    Guest Cast: John Anderson (MacGyver), Kathrynn Witt as Connie Moreci, Peter Hobbs as Arthur Truman, Pepper Martin as George Bobbitt, Robin Evans, K.C. Winkler, Maurice Sneed, Jason Edwards
7. The Hardcase - Airdate: Feb. 28, 1984
    Guest Cast: William Smith, Kelly Preston (Jerry Macguire), Paul Gleason (The Breakfast Club), Jeffrey Josephson, Lewis Arquette
8. Four-Eyes - Airdate: Mar. 6, 1984
    Guest Cast: Stepfanie Kramer (Hunter), D.D. Howard as Jane, Danny Wells (The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!), Michael Baseleon
9. #1 With a Bullet - Airdate: Mar. 20. 1984
    Guest Cast: Edward Winter (Herman's Head), Brant Van Hoffman, Ted Sorel
10. Long Distance Daddy - Airdate: Mar. 27. 1984
    Guest Cast: Joseph Sirola, Doug France, Marshall R. Teague, Frank Annese
11. Double Your Pleasure - Airdate: Apr. 3, 1984
    Guest Cast Dennis Franz (NYPD Blue, Hill Street Blues), Marta Dubois, Ron Karabatsos
12. Raiders of the Lost Sub - Airdate: May 15, 1984
    Guest Cast: Geena Davis (Commander-in-Chief, Thelma and Louise), Steven Keats, Stefan Gierasch (Dark Shadows), Lance Henriksen (Millennium)
13. Something Fishy - (airdate: May 22, 1984)
    Guest cast: Elyssa Davalos (MacGyver), Anthony Charnota, Christopher McDonald, Victor Mohica as Tony, Judd Omen

Bonus Episode: From the forthcoming VEI release "Street Justice: The First Complete Season" - Episode #11 "Homecoming" (airdate: Dec. 30, 1991)

Starred Carl Weathers - known for is roles in the Hollywood blockbusters Rocky, Predator and Happy Gilmore. As Police Sergeant Beaudreaux, he and his martial arts expert Grady (played by Bryan Genesse) fight crime by combining the laws of justice as well as the rules of the street!

For drama and adventure mixed in with stunning martial-arts action take it to the streets with the Complete First Season of STREET JUSTICE debuts in DVD! coming this Fall!!

Regular Cast:
    Sgt. Adam Beaudreaux: Carl Weathers Grady Jameson: Bryan Genesse Malloy: Charlene Fernetz Miguel Mendez: Marcus Chong

Guest Cast:
    Film star Salma Hayek, Steve Bacic (from TV's Andromeda, Stargate SG-1), John Cassini (from TV's Da Vinci's Inques, Robson Arms).

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