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Riptide - Are You Ready For Riptide? Canadian Release Being Prepped!

Posted by David Lambert
If you managed to get VEI's Canadian-only release of Hardcastle and McCormick - The Complete 1st Season (and if you didn't, shame on's TERRIFIC!), then you might be wondering if there are any other Stephen J. Cannell properties in their future. For fans who have waited patiently for Riptide to come to DVD, the welcome answer is "Yes!" One of our readers wrote to Cannell's website, and got a somewhat coy response from the man himself (well, it was signed "SJC"), but it wasn't exactly a denial either. So our reader, Joe, wrote to VEI's customer service and asked, and this is what he was told:
    Hello Joe,

    Yes, VEI will be releasing Riptide soon. Details of the release is yet to be announced.

    Thank you for your interest on our products and we look forward to releasing more of your favourites titles on DVD! Take care...

We asked our friends at VEI for more information, but we were told only that this is another Canada-specific release, and that they cannot give us any details until later in the year.

Lest you forget, Riptide is the 1984 series with 3 veterans of Vietnam (played by Perry King, Joe Penny and Thom Bray) who team up as private eyes in California, based off of the Riptide (the boat owned by Perry King's character, "Cody"). The 1st Season had the pilot telefilm plus twelve weekly episodes, and guest stars included Cindy Pickett, K.C. Winkler, Lewis Arquette (father of Patricia, Rosanna, and David Arquette), Paul Gleason, Shelly Preston, Stepfanie Kramer, Danny Wells, Dennis Franz, Geena Davis, Lance Henriksen, Christopher McDonald and Marsha Warfield. Wow, what a list! Stay tuned and we'll bring you updates and developments as soon as we get them. Thanks, Joe, for letting us know about this!

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