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The Ren and Stimpy Show - John K. chats: talks about APC & other show DVDs, says R&SS to get 'Ultimate' DVDs with more extras!

Posted by David Lambert
Thanks to a mulitude of fans who tipped us off, we've had word that John Kricfalusi (a.k.a. "John K.") has done a live internet chat where he talked A LOT about DVDs, current and future, for the various Ren and Stimpy incarnations. He talked the most about Adult Party Cartoon, but also spoke of "Games" a bit and more. The most interesting piece of info is that the original Ren & Stimpy Show is planned to get an "Ultimate Collection" re-release once all 3 "season-ish" sets are released...and the double-dip, according to John K., will have extras available no where else!

Below you will see selected quotes from the chat, with questions and comments from various fan participants represented by "Q:" and John K.'s responses clearly marked. We've limited the quotes strictly to DVD-related information. For the names/handles of all participants, and for the rest of his lengthy chat that will surely appeal to any fan of his, we encourage you to read the complete chat. Be warned, though, that A) he does not hold back his opinions on other cartoons, and some of those may be your favorites...even the Looney Tunes DVDs takes a hit! Also, B) the chat contains strong language, and one illustration there features cartoon nudity. For more critical R&S fans: no, he does NOT address the shortcomings of the first R&SS DVD release. Anyway, here is the DVD-related info from that chat:
  • Q: Tell us about the R&S Adult Party Cartoon DVD, that's grand.
  • John K.: Anybody want some DVD info?
  • Q: We'd love to know if there's a release date set in stone.
  • Q: Yeah what will be on the APC dvd?
  • John K.: Well, everything we did for APC will be on the DVD plus some extras.
  • Q: interviews?
  • John K.: Yeah, interviews and commentaries with all the artists and voices. But first, the Games DVDs will probably have to sell. There's always a catch.
  • Q: so I have to buy shitty games eps to get APC... hmmm. Okay, I'll do it
  • John K.: I got a bunch of the artists together and did a bunch of commentaries. Even a couple Games artists.
  • Q: Do you insult [the episodes], or give constructive criticism?
  • John K.: There are 2 Games DVDs coming out... the cartoons are in chronological order, so you can watch the decay in real time.
  • Q: John, will there by lots of production art and the like on these dvds?
  • John K.: The first DVD actually has some interesting stuff in it. A lot of the early Games cartoons were started at Spumco, like... A Yard Too Far. That was a cartoon I wrote - well, I actually stole the plot from the first Yogi Bear cartoon.
  • Q: Stimpy's Cartoon Show was another started at Spumco, I think.
  • John K.: Elinor Blake and I wrote Stimpy's Cartoon Show and I had planned for that to be an epic, but the direction was pretty bungled. I explain it all on the commentary. The first Games DVD is coming out soon. I'd say it's definitely worth getting. Lots of good artwork, great backgrounds and some good stories-alas, no discernible direction.
  • Q: John, why did you decide to do a Games DVD?
  • John K.: I decided to take the money they offered me to do commentaries, and I wanted to kep the "franchise" alive so that eventually they would buy all new episodes for straight to DVD. I tried to talk them out of releasing the Games episodes so early, but they were determined.
  • Q: New episodes straight to DVD! Awesome!
  • John K.: they will let me if the DVDs sell. That's what it will come down to. It's bribery!
  • Q: can you enjoy any of the games episodes, or do they just bring out anger?
  • John K.: When I watched all the Games episodes, it was different than when I first saw them. I was so mad when they were first being done that I hated them beyond belief.
  • John K.: So do you want to know what other cartoons are on the DVD?
  • John K.: Ren's Pecs was one Richard Pursel and I wrote. He and Vincent and maybe Jim Smith did a commentary on it, so that's worth watching. The Magical [Golden] Singing Cheeses is a cartoon that was written at Spumco during the first season, but was rejected by the Nickelodeon hippie ladies. Games made a few cartoons that were rejected by the dirty footted hippie ladies - I guess they ran out of ideas. On the second Games DVD, I invited Bill Wray and Scott Wills to do some commentaries. They're great background painters. Bill got to direct some cartoons while he was at Games, so I asked him what it's like to direct in the commentaries over his cartoons. He has some funny answers. I guess they made a cartoon to make fun of me for making them rich and famous and that's on the second Games DVD.
  • Q: is that Rev Jack Cheese?
  • John K.: Yes, Rev Jack Cheese...only you'd never know it had anything to do with me and they admitted that in the commentary. Scott and Bill both admitted that the cartoons from the second half of Games' history were not very good.
  • Q: Is Naked Beach Frenzy uncut on the APC DVD (with bouncy babes)?
  • John K.: It's not cut.
  • Q: Is Eddie [Fitzgerald] as jovial as he is on the dvd?
  • John K.: Eddie is always funny. He's going to be on the next Looney Tunes DVD too. Eddie will be on all my DVDs.
  • Q: Will Katie Rice be on the APC DVD? Will the cut Ralph Bakshi segments be included?
  • John K.: Katie will be on the APC DVD. So will all the top artists.
  • Q: will Nick Cross be there?
  • John K.: Yes, he will.
  • Q: APC is both Seasons 1 & 2 right? And we will get to see Part 2 of Altruists?
  • John K.: APC will have all the cartoons we did. 9 half hours, plus 2 animatics. And also an animatic of Wilderness Adventure starring George Liquor.
  • John K.: ...and an animatic of about 10 minutes of Life Sucks, as well as lots of production art from the show. Adult Party Cartoon has the highest production value of any TV show in history. There's more animation, more acting, the most amazing backgrounds and more jokes per minute than anything - including the original Ren and Stimpy. People killed themselves to make that series, so if it sells on DVD, I'm sure we will make lots more Ren and Stimpy. I've run some of the cartoons in movie theatres around the world, and it always sells out and people get up in the middle of the cartoons and start screaming, like they do during Man's Best Friend. It seems that lots of shows on TV don't get ratings anymore, but then they sell like crazy on DVD. So, I'm convinced that direct to video is the way to go.
  • Q: Is the APC DVD coming out in the Summer?
  • John K.: I think APC is coming out at the end of the year. There is also an "Ultimate Ren and Stimpy" DVD set in the works. That's where they sell you stuff you already bought, but add some crap to it. Actually, I think that's the one that will have the animatics on it. And maybe on that one, they would let me do the artwork and cover - if they thought the fans would want that.
  • John K.: ...So, Ultimate Ren and Stimpy. They want to put all the early Spumco Ren and Stimpys and the Games eps on one set... but I think it would be better to put ALL the Spumco eps, including APC on one set - an all "John K." episodes set. Plus bonuses. What do you think?
  • Q: I like the idea of a John K set.
  • John K.: I think it would be depressing to put the Games eps on the same set as the original Spumco eps... we do some live interviews and gags too.
  • John K.: We're going to do a George Liquor Movie straight to DVD, with all the characters from that world. Jimmy, Sody, The Bad Catholic Girls, Cigarettes the Cat, Slab 'n' Ernie, etc...
  • Q: Is Mike [Pataki] going to do the voice of George?
  • John K.: Yep.
  • Q: Will Wilderness Adventure's animatic have an original soundtrack, or will a new one be made for the DVD?
  • John K.: What's an 'original soundtrack'?
  • Q: You mean a track recorded 10+ years ago, right? Was there one recorded?
  • John K.: There was never a track made.
  • Q: So the Voice Recording is going to be made for the DVD?
  • John K.: As many as I can do. Probably all of them on the Ultimate Set. New Ren and Stimpys will depend on the DVDs selling well and the fans getting vocal like they do for Family Guy.
  • Q: Is Adult Party Cartoon going to be a 1-disc, 2-disc set? Any info on that?
  • John K.: I don't know how many discs - 2 at the most.
  • Q: Will there be any stupid remastering on the new DVDs with awkward video freezes? And why didn't Billy want to work on APC?
  • John K.: I wouldn't know if the Games cartoons were cut or not. We need a Games expert to watch the cartoons to say if there's anything missing.

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