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Remington Steele - Steele waiting to hear about the final set? Wait no more!

Posted by Gord Lacey
    It's business as usual at the Remington Steele Detective Agency, which means a caseload bursting with action, adventure, romance and danger! It's all in a day's work for the enchanting Laura Holt and the dashing Remington Steele, whose personal and professional relationships continue to heat up. Season four finds the jet-setting detective duo solving crimes at home and around the world, and season five features the show's thrilling final episodes in which Steele's shadowy past clashes head-on with his uncertain future. At the Steele Agency, it's never just another dull day at the office!
Just what all you Steele fans have been waiting for; Seasons 4 and 5 will be released on August 15. We expected the final 2 seasons, which total 27 episodes (1323 mins), to be released together, but it's nice to have official word from the studio. The A/V specs are the same as previous sets; full frame (1.33:1) video, with an English mono audio track, and Spanish subtitles. The set will sell for $49.98 US, or $69.98 CAN, up a bit from the previous sets, but there are more episodes here.

Episodes include:

    Disc 1 Side A:
  1. Steele Searching part 1
  2. Steele Searching part 2
  3. Steele Blushing
  4. Grapping Steele

    Disc 1 Side B:
  5. Forged Steele
  6. Corn Fed Steele

    Disc 2 Side A:
  7. Premium Steele
  8. Coffee, Tea, or Steele
  9. Dancer, Prancer, Donner and Steele
  10. Steele on the Air

    Disc 2 Side B:
  11. Steele, Inc.
  12. Steele Spawning

    Disc 3 Side A:
  13. Suburban Steele
  14. Santa Claus is Coming to Steele
  15. Steele Blue Yonder
  16. Sensitive Steele

    Disc 3 Side B:
  17. Steele in the Spotlight
  18. Steele at Your Service

    Disc 4 Side A:
  19. Steele in the Running
  20. Beg, Borrow, or Steele

    Disc 4 Side B:
  21. Steele Alive and Kicking
  22. Bonds of Steele

    Disc 5 Side A:
  23. The Steele that Wouldn't Die (longplay version)
  24. Steele Hanging in There part 1
  25. Steele Hanging in There part 2

    Disc 5 Side B:
  26. Steeled with a Kiss part 1
  27. Steeled with a Kiss part 2
And here's a list of the special features:
  • Steele Fanatics Featurette
  • Steele Stars Featurette
  • Steele on the Road Featurette
  • Steele on the Air Commentary by John Sakmar and Kerry Lenhart
  • Beg, Borrow, or Steele Commentary by Michael Gleason, John Wirth, Brad Kern and Jeff Melvoin
  • Bonds of Steele Commentary by Michael Gleason, John Wirth, Brad Kern and Jeff Melvoin
  • Steele Farewell Featurette
We'll post artwork for the set as soon as it's made available to us.

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