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The Red Green Show - The Infantile Years: 1991-1993 Seasons Announced: Details, Date and Packaging

72 episodes from the show's first 3 seasons coming in January on 9 DVDs!

Posted by David Lambert
    "Age doesn't always bring wisdom. Sometimes age comes alone." So says Red Green, master of all things Canadian, manly, and duct taped. In this collection of The Red Green Show's first three seasons, Red and the gang are in their youth prime early middle age...but you'd never know it. It was only the beginning of the half-baked ideas, crazy contraptions, and unintended consequences that seemed like they would never end...but did, after 15 hilarious years.

    These 72 episodes introduce series regulars Ranger Gord, Bill Smith, Hap Shaughnessy, and, of course, Red's beleaguered but beloved nephew, Harold. For more laughs than you can shake a hockey stick at, join Red, Harold, and all the guys at Possum Lodge for their first three years of doing what men do when women aren't around - and some things that are even worse. Programs © 1991, 1992, and 1993 S&S Productions, Inc.

    "Effectively and magnificently spoofs the male ego" - The Detroit News.
    "A motley but loveable crew of outdoorsy incompetents" - Toronto Sun.
    "Masterpiece Theatre this ain't" - The Washington Post.
Acorn Media has announced a 9-disc, 72-episode collection of Red Green - The Infantile Years: 1991-1993 Seasons. This package groups three season-set volumes together for 29 hours worth of hilarious fun. These DVDs include Extra Junk, too: introductions by star and creator Steve Smith, Red and Harold character profiles, and biographies of stars Steve Smith and Patrick McKenna. Episodes are presented in full screen video, English Stereo sound and with closed captioning for the hearing impaired. Cost for this big package is $99.99 SRP in the USA, and CA$124.99 SRP in Canada. You'll be rolling on the floor, laughing, this January 26th.

Here are the disc-by-disc details, broken down by each season that's including in this 9-DVD set. A picture of the hilarious-looking packaging can be found at the bottom. Enjoy!

  • THE RED GREEN SHOW - 1991 (The first season of the hit PBS comedy)
        "Remember, this fix is only temporary, unless it works." One of the original nuggets of wisdom from Red Green, leader of Possum Lodge and lord of duct tape-and what a fix the first season turned out to be. Setting the stage for a 15-year run on public television, these first 24 episodes see Red visit the lonely and bilingual (English and Beaver, naturally) Ranger Gord; Hap's harrowing tales of working on a tiger ranch; and Red's earliest inventions, including a coffin made from a freezer, designed for thrifty mourners.

    • 1991: Disc 1
      1. The Big Inboard: The men build a motor with a V8 engine.
      2. The Elvis Sighting: Elvis at Possum Lake?
      3. The UFO: Handyman tips and a UFO.
      4. The Treasure Hunt: The gang goes on a treasure hunt.
      5. Practical Joke Week: Prank week at the lodge.
      6. Home Barber-Kit: It's haircuts for everyone.
      7. He-Man Contest: The boys hold a He-Man contest.
      8. Guest Elephant: Red has an unsettling elephant experience.
    • 1991: Disc 2
      1. Exotic Dancer: Moose visits an exotic dancer.
      2. Lost Toupee: The mystery of the missing hairpiece.
      3. Talent Show: The lodge holds a talent show.
      4. Problem Outhouse: Outhouse troubles at the lodge.
      5. Whittling Contest: Sharp knives and male egos.
      6. Wind-Powered Boat: The gang builds a boat.
      7. Hot Water Bottle: Blowing up a hot water bottle.
      8. Lodge Visitor: An unexpected guest causes a ruckus.
    • 1991: Disc 3
      1. Gun Powder Shakes: Special spices - explosive taste.
      2. Safety Week: It's safety week at Possum Lodge.
      3. Bad Chili: There's a running shoe in the recipe.
      4. Water Tower: The gang builds a water tower.
      5. Jet-Ski: The guys are mesmerized by a Jet-Ski on the lake.
      6. New Well: The men try to dig a new well.
      7. Canoe Jousting: On Possum Lake, a new sport is born.
      8. Water Slide: The men construct a water slide.
    • EXTRA JUNK: Introduction by star and creator Steve Smith and Red and Harold character profiles.

  • THE RED GREEN SHOW - 1992 (The second season of the hit PBS comedy)
        "Some men look at a problem like this and try to find a solution. I prefer to figure out whose fault it is and let them take care of it." So says Red Green, although the incident with the one-man submarine was mostly his fault. In this complete second season of the public television hit's 15-year run, Red continues his duct-taped reign of terror, offering handy tips on everything from building a grandfather clock to crafting a raincoat. Meanwhile, Noel loses his job to Helmut, and Possum Lake mysteriously turns pink.

    • 1992: Disc 1
      1. The Putter Attack: Noel hits Helmut on the head.
      2. Doc's Loan: An angry Helmut comes to collect from Doc.
      3. Missing: Eddie's Robert Goulet record collection disappears.
      4. The Receipt-A-Thon: The taxman cometh.
      5. The Sing Along Machine: Karaoke turns dangerous.
      6. Bear!!!: A female bear can't resist Red and the gang.
      7. The Bad Check-Up: Glen is denied RV insurance.
      8. The Four-Man Raft: Murray makes a bad business deal.
    • 1992: Disc 2
      1. Skeet Golf: Bob's passion for golf causes an accident.
      2. The Broken Water Pump: Helmut struggles with repairs.
      3. The Illegal Clubs: Bob buys a set of questionable golf clubs.
      4. Animals in the Attic: Eddie befriends the raccoon in the attic.
      5. The Party Boat Sank: Glen is blamed for sinking a boat.
      6. The Food Club: Eddie quits after a dispute with Douglas.
      7. The Fish Locator: Doc buys a gadget he can't afford.
      8. The Bent Canoe: Helmut destroys the lodge's canoe.
    • 1992: Disc 3
      1. Job Security: Noel is fired and replaced by Helmut.
      2. Noel's Stag: The guys plan a stag party for Noel.
      3. Bob's Birthday: A surprise birthday party goes awry.
      4. The Sudsy Lake: Possum Lake is covered in pink foam.
      5. The Gun Mishap: Noel accidentally shoots Murray.
      6. The Double Date: Glen and Helmut go on a double date.
      7. The Florida Trip: The gang plans a trip to Florida sans Glen.
      8. Not One Fish: Is there a conspiracy to kill the lake's fish?
    • EXTRA JUNK: Introduction by star and creator Steve Smith and biographies of Steve Smith and Patrick McKenna.

  • THE RED GREEN SHOW - 1993 (The third season of the hit PBS comedy)
        "Never connect a used fuel pump from a Russian rocket missile to a large deciduous tree," counsels Red Green, after a cunning plan to extract maple syrup goes awry. This complete third season of the public television hit's 15-year run sees Harold start his own TV network; Buster buy a gently used helicopter; and Hap explain the theory of relativity (he learned it from working with Einstein, of course). Along the way, Red offers useful tips on how to fashion living room furniture out of old car parts and build a personal sauna from an old dryer.

    • 1993: Disc 1
      1. Maple Syrup: The men collect syrup with Russian munitions.
      2. Car Pool: Red starts a car pool with limited success.
      3. The Spawning Grounds: A plan to get government money.
      4. Magnetic Lake: A freak accident magnetizes Possum Lake.
      5. Underground Parking: An old mine becomes a parking garage.
      6. The Tanks We Get: Donated gas tanks overwhelm the lodge.
      7. Fire Brigade: The lodge forms its own volunteer fire department.
      8. The New Shirt/Casino: Red's shirt causes friction at Casino Night.
    • 1993: Disc 2
      1. Green Green: Red tries to clean up the environment.
      2. Fuel Conversion: The men convert their cars to run on firewood.
      3. The Hidden Mine: The guys find a secret mine hatch.
      4. Lake Regulations: The lodge confronts a yuppie canoe club.
      5. Cross the Lake Race: The men get the chance to work with nudists.
      6. The Salmon Parade: A parade celebrates the salmon's return.
      7. The Funniest Video: The guys send in a funny video to a TV show.
      8. Biosphere Three: The gang tries out a biosphere experiment.
    • 1993: Disc 3
      1. The Water Park: The boys outfit the lake for a water park.
      2. The Used Helicopter: The men acquire a gently used helicopter.
      3. Possum Lake Regatta: Moose's junker joins the regatta.
      4. The Retirement Home: Old Man Sedgwick wants a cottage.
      5. Slingshot Skiing: Moose decides to water ski without a boat.
      6. The Possum Olympics: The lodge hosts the biannual event.
      7. Possum Lake Monster: A dinosaur is sighted in the lake.
      8. The Water Show: The gang decides to put on a water show.
    • EXTRA JUNK: Introduction by star and creator Steve Smith.
The Infantile Years: 1991-1993 Seasons

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