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ReBoot - Rumor: Complete Series Set in the Works?

Good news, we think

Posted by Gord Lacey
ReBoot is a great show that's had some bad luck on DVD. It ran for 3 seasons, followed by two TV movies (which are sometimes called "season 4"), for a total of 39 episode, plus the two movies (or 8 episodes). The first two seasons have never made it to DVD, the third season came out on 4 discs (16 episodes), and the two movies were released on another. What a mess, which is why we jumped up and down when we heard a strong rumor that the entire run of the series is being prepped for release on DVD, including the never-before-released first two seasons (which, we believe, were owned by Universal Studios).

Unfortunately we don't have anything more than that for now, but we're nearly certain this release will happen (the info came from a contact that hasn't steered us wrong before).

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