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Pushing Daisies - 2nd Season Daisies DVDs Pushed Off? A Status Report!

Ausiello's info says we're waiting on ABC before we can get the DVDs

Posted by David Lambert
Fans of Pushing Daisies - myself included! - are understandably frustrated these days. ABC has canceled the show, but are supposedly under contract to air the final three installments. But they keep procrastinating about scheduling them. In fact, ABC seems to be weaseling out of showing these via broadcast, but instead screening them at the upcoming L.A. Paley Fest for a limited-audience seminar! Well, since all of us PD fans can't make it to the event, what are we supposed to do? Wait for the DVDs, right? Well, there's been no word about a Season 2 DVD, either. Until now, that is.

Our old friend Michael Ausiello, formerly of but now plying his gossipy trade at Entertainment Weekly, posted info in his column this week. Now, before you click that link, be aware that there are a ton of spoilers there, for loads of shows. I've read 'em, to find the Daisiesinfo, and I'm honestly full of regret that I know some of what I saw there on the way to the PD portion (which isn't even that far down...House fans are especially in danger of finding out out upcoming plots).

If you want to read Ausiello's entire Pushing post for yourself, then go ahead and click that link now and scroll down...we've warned you. For those of you not so daring, here is the important part that you need to know, based on his conversation with show creator Bryan Fuller:
    If you can't make it to Los Angeles because you live somewhere far away like, I dunno, Belgium, then buy the DVD when it comes out. And it will come out. Eventually. "I was just going over the specs yesterday with the DVD people," Fuller tells me. "They don't know when it's coming out because it's contingent on when/if ABC airs [the final three episodes]. ABC has the rights to air them through September. So they're hoping that they'll know when so they can schedule a release date because the DVDs can't come out before [the final episodes] air.
That's where it's at, then. Warner can't release Pushing Daises - Season 2 DVDs (or Blu-rays, for that matter) until ABC's option is up, one way or the other. Our thanks to reader "Alex" for the heads-up about this. Stay tuned and we'll let you know when these discs finally DO get announced, okay?

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