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Profit - New Details Revealed About Complete Series Set

Posted by David Lambert
In the months following Anchor Bay's end-of-2004 heads-up that Stephen J. Cannell's own favorite among show's he's made, Profit, would come to DVD this Summer, fans have waited on pins and needles for more details. The first details came a couple of months ago, in our report that had listed it and other Anchor Bay releases for 2005's third quarter. At the time we were given the release date of August 9th, and the list price of $29.98. Now we have further details, just ahead of Anchor Bay's impending formal announcement.

The heads-up info we received for Profit - The Complete Series says it's a 3-DVD compilation that ought to contain all the episodes from the very short-lived program. Since Cannell's company is producing this set for Anchor Bay to distribute, we assume that "all the episodes" would come to the count of 10 episodes that Cannell's 2003 interview mentioned. Whatever the final count, each hour-long episode is to be presented in the original full-frame video format.

Included among those episodes are the double-length Pilot, which will receive a commentary track along with two other episodes: "Healing" and "Chinese Box." Commentary participants are creators David Greenwalt and John McNamara, and Star Adrian Pasdar. One has to wonder why Cannell didn't participate in commentaries on a show his aforementioned interview referred to as "one of his favorites," but perhaps he wasn't available. The information provided doesn't discuss this, so we can only speculate.

Stay tuned, and we'll bring you cover art for this release, plus any further details about the set which come to light, just as soon as we can! While you're waiting, don't forget that you can pre-order this from Amazon right now, and lock in a price of just $20.99 if you purchase it in advance.

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