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The Price Is Right - Come On Down! DVDs In The Works For The Price Is Right

BCI Continues Game Show DVDs with Bob Barker's Classic

Posted by David Lambert
After last year's Best of Match Game DVD, and with plans proceeding for late this year to release a Best of Family Feud DVD, BCI is looking to continue the game show trend. With the recent retirement of Bob Barker, in favor of new host Drew Carey, what's a better target for the next release than The Best of The Price Is Right?

Reader Dan Reese has e-mailed us, saying he found an early copy of the new book Come on Down! Behind the Big Doors at The Price is Right, by Stan Blits and due to be on bookstore shelves tomorrow (September 4th). Dan tells us that in the back there's a full page ad for BCI's The Best of The Price is RIght on DVD saying that it features "Featuring the 20 Best Episodes" of the long-running game show. Other quotes from the ad, which Dan scanned for us, say things like "Don't miss the craziest, funniest and most memorable moments of the series from 1972 until 2007" and "Experience game show history with Bob Barker, Barker's Beauties and the most devoted contestants on television." Dan is simply wonderful for all his help to us with this, and we appreciate it!

The ad in the book notes that the artwork is subject to change, and it doesn't give any release timeframe. We contacted our friends at BCI, who were terrific in taking time to talk to us between organizing things after moving their headquarters to another state, and also in trying to get out of the office in time to join their families for their personal Labor Day weekend plans. Thanks, guys...we love ya! They tell us that the release is still being assembled, and that the actual masters of the chosen episodes are just now on-the-way to BCI's offices. The cover art seen in the ad will almost certainly change between now and the release, so don't get too invested in the close-up we show you below (taken from Dan's scan). This is planned to release sometime in the Spring 2008 timeframe. There's lots more to come, so stay tuned!

The Price Is Right - The Best of The Price Is Right book advertisement scan
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The Price Is Right - The Best of The Price Is Right early box art
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