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Popeye and Son - No More Friends For Popeye: Warner Cancels Vol. 2 of 'Family-Friendly' Releases

You can still count on the 9/30 release of Popeye the Sailor - Volume 3: 1941-1943, however

Posted by David Lambert
Earlier this year we reported that Warner Home Video had decided to continue with the "collectible" DVD releases of Popeye the Sailor, in chronological order beginning with the black-and-white theatrical shorts which later became a staple of various television series featuring the squint-eyed sailor (starting with the 1956 program Popeye). However, their decision was to go from a 4-disc set, such as we saw with the Popeye the Sailor - Volume 1: 1933-1938 last summer, down to 2-disc sets that we're seeing with the recent June release of Popeye the Sailor - Volume 2: 1938-1940, and also with the upcoming Sept. 30th release of Popeye the Sailor - Volume 3: 1941-1943.

At the same time, though, they decided to stop trying to appeal strictly to collectors, and also release some "family-friendly" single-disc, best-of DVDs featuring color cartoons pulled from series which ran in the '70s and '80s. These releases were called "Popeye and Friends," and the Volume 1 release came out this past June featuring 8 cartoons from the 1978 Hanna Barbera-produced run titled The All-New Popeye Hour. More recently they had announced a Sept. 30th release for Popeye & Friends - Volume 2, featuring 8 cartoons plucked from 4 episodes of 1987's Popeye and Son series.

Earlier this week Warner Home Video issued a notice that they have canceled the single-disc release of Popeye & Friends - Volume 2. This notice only applies to that release; Warner is continuing with their plans to ship the two-disc set of Popeye the Sailor - Volume 3: 1941-1943 on Sept. 30th. We contacted Warner to confirm this information, and they verified that we had it correct. When asked for a reason behind the change, we were told that "Popeye has such a strong appeal to collectors, so we're focusing on that."

As of this writing, some online retailers - including Amazon - are still listing Popeye & Friends - Volume 2 for release, but we expect that to change shortly.

Popeye & Friends - Volume 2 box art
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