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Partners in Crime, Agatha Christie's - 'The Tommy & Tuppence Mysteries' DVD Release

3-disc set is coming out from Acorn at the end of January

Posted by David Lambert
    The Tommy & Tuppence mysteries! "Absolutely spiffing" - Chicago Tribune; "Frothy fun" - The Washington Post. Agatha Christie's lively detective duo in the PBS Mystery! favorite.

    Packed with period atmosphere and playful banter, Partners in Crime follows Tommy and Tuppence Beresford as they mix marriage and mystery solving. As proprietors of Blunt's Detective Agency, the flirtatious and fun-loving couple investigates cases that range from a purloined pearl to the disappearance of an Arctic explorer's fiancée.

    Francesca Annis (Cranford, Reckless) is luminous as high-spirited Tuppence, elegantly attired in fabulous 1920s fashion, and James Warwick (Lillie) charms as dry-witted and dapper Tommy. These 11 mysteries follow the pair from their first meeting through their final cases.
Agatha Christie's Partners in Crime - The Tommy & Tuppence Mysteries is on the way to a 3-DVD set from Acorn Media on January 29th. Priced at $49.99 SRP, you'll get these episodes: "The Secret Adversary," "The Affair of the Pink Pearl," "The House of Lurking Death," "The Sunningdale Mystery," "The Clergyman's Daughter," "Finessing the King," "The Ambassador's Boots," "The Man in the Mist," "The Unbreakable Alibi," "The Case of the Missing Lady" and "The Crackler." Running time is 623 minutes, and they are presented in full screen video with English audio and English subtitles. The studio notes about this early-'80s production that "Due to the age of these programs and the improved resolution that DVD provides, you may notice occasional flaws in the image and audio on this DVD presentation that were beyond our ability to correct from the original materials." Here's a look at the packaging:

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The Tommy & Tuppence Mysteries
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