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The Complete 1st Season

Parker Lewis Can't Lose - Release Date, Pricing, Other Info Found for The Complete 1st Season

4-DVD set with 26 episodes coming from Shout! Factory at the end of June

Posted by David Lambert
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Last week we blew everyone's minds by relaying a report from a Shout! Factory DVD producer that Parker Lewis Can't Lose is coming home - at last! - later this year. We didn't have a release date at the time, or any other information about a first-title release. But over the weekend, a pre-order listing has appeared at for Parker Lewis Can't Lose - The Complete 1st Season!

The mega e-tailer will allow you to lock in your copy right now for the first year's worth of 26 episodes, coming out on June 30th. The listing reveals that it will be a 4-disc collection running approximately 900 minutes. Cost is shown to be $49.99 SRP, but at this time Amazon is discounting that to just $34.99 (note that Amazon's pricing is subject to change without notice, at their discretion). Don't forget, ordering through the links we provide helps to support this site, and everything we do here.

There are no further details there yet, nor cover art. Nor is any new info available from the people at Shout! Factory themselves, at least so far. But stay tuned and we'll keep you informed about further developments, including extras (don't forget, they're planning on including as many as possible). In the meantime, here's a list of the first season episodes:

  1. Pilot
  2. Operation Kubiak
  3. Power Play
  4. Parker Lewis Must Lose
  5. Close, But No Guitar
  6. G.A.G. Dance
  7. Love's a Beast
  8. Saving Grace
  9. Musso & Frank
  10. Deja Dudes
  11. Radio Free Flamingo
  12. Science Fair
  13. Teacher, Teacher
  14. Rent-a-Kube
  15. Heather the Class
  16. Jerry: Portrait of a Video Junkie
  17. Splendor in the Class
  18. The Human Grace
  19. Citizen Kube
  20. Randall Without a Cause
  21. Jerry's First Date
  22. Against the Norm
  23. King Kube
  24. Teens from a Mall
  25. My Fair Shelly
  26. Parker Lewis Can't Win

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