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Parker Lewis Can't Lose - Synchronize Swatches! At Last We're Counting Down to a Parker Lewis DVD Release!

No street date yet? Not a problem, because Shout! Factory has licensed the show and is working on a release

Posted by David Lambert
Over the weekend we got a heads-up from one of our readers, "Nathan," that we truly appreciated. He let us know that the official Shout! Factory message boards included a post from a person calling themselves "Potnoodle," asking the studio if they would look into acquiring the home video rights for Parker Lewis Can't Lose. This past Friday, Shout! DVD Producer Brian Ward responded with this terrific info:
    I have some good news for you, Potnoodle. We have looked into it. And, if the stars align themselves correctly, you can expect to see the first season hit retail shelves sometime later this year.
Yesterday morning I decided to take a chance with Nathan's info, and I shot a note directly to Brian Ward and asked him how "aligned" the stars presently were. By mid-day he responded to me, admitting that the deal was signed and that we could go ahead and pass the good word along to all the Parker Lewis fans at our site. But even before that, he took the initiative and followed up with a new post in the thread at Shout!'s message boards:
    Dave Lambert, over at (one of my personal favorite sites), emailed me to confirm that Shout! Factory is, in fact, doing Parker Lewis Can't Lose after my most recent post. Allow me to confirm it here and now. Shout! Factory will be releasing Parker Lewis Can't Lose, beginning with the first season, later this year.

    We are currently lining up talent for retrospective interviews and trying to get our hands on as much archival material as possible. I'll let you guys know more, as it happens.
Awww, thanks Brian for making us one of your favorite sites! Of course, everyone knows that Shout! Factory is one of my own personal favorite studios, with all of the great retro TV titles they keep digging up and putting out on DVD. Parker Lewis is another example of that: this 1990 series was an early favorite on the Fox Network (which launched in 1987), lasting 3 seasons. It made Corin Nemec, who played the title role, a star before moving on to other TV roles (including The Stand mini-series and a recurring character in Stargate SG-1) and big-screen movies.

The show was also a home during its run to Billy Jayne (Cujo, Silver Spoons), Troy Slaten (Cagney & Lacey), Melanie Chartoff (Fridays, Rugrats), Timothy Stack (My Name is Earl, Son of the Beach) and Abraham Benrubi (ER's "Jerry," Men in Trees' "Ben") as Parker's extra large nemesis-turned-friend, "Larry Kubiac." Eat now?

Our thanks again to both Brian for the candor, and to Nathan for making sure we saw the original post. And to "Potnoodle" for asking over there. While it's way too early for Shout! to give us a street date, or any other details (since the release hasn't been produced yet), we'll keep an eye on this and let you know when everything is finalized. Stay tuned!

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