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Pac-Man - Industry Gossip Provides Power-Pellet Rumors About DVDs of the Hanna-Barbera Classic

The grapevine tells us to look for an MOD release in the first quarter of the new year

Posted by David Lambert
The legendary arcade game Pac-Man debuted as a coin-op in 1980, first in Japan and then quickly making its way to the United States. By 1982 Hanna-Barbera had turned the videogame into a Saturday morning cartoon that aired on ABC for 2 seasons of 42 episodes. Marty Ingels (I'm Dickens, He's Fenster) leads the voice cast, which also includes both Peter Cullen and Frank Welker ("Optimus Prime" and "Megatron" of the original Transformers), plus Lorenzo Music (best known as the voices of bothGarfield and of "Carlton the Doorman" on Rhoda). Fans of this animated classic have been asking us about this series on DVD for as long as we can remember!

Today we have some great news for Pac-fans: we've heard from friends in the industry that Warner's manufacture-on-demand (MOD) program at the Warner Archive Collection/ is planning a DVD release of Hanna-Barbera's Pac-Man in late February or early March 2011. Apparently the studio originally hoped to have it out in time for the holidays, because the Christmas special episode "Christmas Comes to Pac-Land" is planned to be included. However, in an effort to use the best possible elements for the best possible release, Warner pushed the title until next year.

In fact, this is probably totally unrelated, but it looks like the MOD DVD release of Pac-Man might be available just in time to tie in with Nintendo's new "3DS" 3-D handheld videogame system. What's that got to do with anything? Well, one of the announced launch titles for that system is "Pac-Man & Galaga," a 3-D upgrade of the original coin-op classics. Wow, what a cool time for nostalgia! Where's my vinyl single of Buckner & Garcia's Pac-Man Fever, anyway?

Stay tuned for updates on this long-awaited title!

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