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Once and Again - Is there hope for season 3? YES!

Great news for fans of the show

Posted by Gord Lacey
Fans of Once and Again love their show, but they've been jerked around when it comes to the DVDs. The first season was released in November, 2002, and it took nearly 3 years for season 2 to be released (August, 2005). It had been so long that Disney decided to re-promote season 1 on the same day. Season 3 was announced for a January, 2006 release just a month after season 2 was released, but a short time later it was delayed, with no new date in sight.

Things were looking grim for the show, but all that changed during a recent meeting I had with the person in charge of licensing ABC shows during my recent trip to LA. We sat and discussed various ABC shows (please don't email me and ask about every ABC show known to man - I'll post news when I'm able to) and what the plans were, and he mentioned that he's looking to find a new home for Once and Again since Buena Vista Home Entertainment's license will be expiring soon. This means a company will get the license to release ALL the seasons of Once and Again, including season 3. Obviously this is big news for fans of the show since it means they may finally get to finish their DVD collection.

A deal that would see the show licensed to another studio isn't in the works yet, but the option is there, and that's a great step in the right direction. What can fans do? Make a lot of noise! Make sure all the Once and Again fan sites and mailing lists know about this development, and get the word out to casual fans. There will be a number of companies looking to license the show, and the more excitement they see from fans, the better the chance a deal will be done sooner rather than later.

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