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Once and Again - 'Abandoned' on DVD? NO WAY! Retailer Shows 2nd Season Listing!

Posted by David Lambert
Wow, first The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and now this! Once and Again - just like Mary - was a show that was released to DVD in the last part of 2002, in a "Season 1" set release, but was never heard from again...until now, that is! It's been days since Mary's 2nd season was announced, and now we have immensely great news for the fans of the show starring Sela Ward (Sisters) and Bill Campbell (Dynasty).

Once and Again - The Complete 1st Season was released to DVD back in November 2002, at a $79.99 list price. Wow, that's some price, eh? Since then the title has been marked down to a $59.99 SRP, and is easy enough to order online, even if it's rare to spot a copy sitting on store shelves in your local area.

According to mega-eTailer, though, August 23rd will see a re-release / re-promote of the first season, though, which is listed separately from the old release listing there, and at the better price of $41.99 (if you act now, anyway). We presume you won't get this until August, even though Amazon shows they have stock right now of the original release version - but at a higher $53.99 sellling price.

But's that's just the whip cream on this sweet dessert! The REAL NEWS is that Amazon is ALSO listing Once & Again - The Complete 2nd Season for release on the same date (August 23rd)! It also carries the $59.99 list price, and Amazon's $41.99 pre-order discounted price.

For fans like me, who immensely enjoyed the first season release and have desperately been waiting for more, this is like a dream come true! A great big pat on the back goes to Buena Vista for making this move (though one can't help but wonder if Bill Campbell's recent appearances on The O.C. didn't have a teeny bit to do with it).

Please bear in mind, though, that the only word we have on this is from Amazon, and Buena Vista has not formally announced this yet. Stay tuned, though, and when we hear from the Mouse House we'll let you know what they say!

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