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The Oddball Couple - DVD Release for the Animated Show Based on 'The Odd Couple'

No availability date yet, but Amazon/CreateSpace is taking advance MOD orders for DVDs

Posted by David Lambert
    The ODDBALL COUPLE features Fleabag a slovenly, rude dog and Spiffy a finicky, neatnik cat - they live together in a home that's half mansion and half run-down shack. They try to get along but the lazy and unorganized way Fleabag lives his life and the orderly persnickety ways of Spiffy are almost too much for either to tolerate. They share a place of business where the antics of trying to get along continues. This animated version of "The Odd Couple" showcases the voices of Paul Winchell as Fleabag and Frank Nelson as Spiffy.
In 1975, the ABC TV network ran this Saturday-morning cartoon that was ultimately based on Neil Simon's 1965 Broadway play, The Odd Couple. By then the play had been adapted into the 1968 film (starring Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau), and then the classic 1970 primetime ABC series starring Tony Randall and Jack Klugman. As the live-action sitcom ended (after 5 seasons) in the spring of '75, ABC prepared a cartoon spinoff that debuted in the fall of '75.

Now the owners of that animated series, CBS Home Entertainment, are preparing to release a manufacture-on-demand DVD of The Oddball Couple, starring the voices of Paul Winchell (who has also voiced, among other roles, "Dick Dastardly," "Tigger," "Gargamel," and "Sam-I-Am") and Frank Nelson (best remembered for his recurring "rude clerk" role on both radio and TV versions of The Jack Benny Show, and his famous drawn-out "eeeYeeeeeeeeessss?" catchphrase).

We don't have any official word from the studio, but Amazon's CreateSpace MOD program has a pre-order listing for the item (see button link below). They show it to be a 2-DVD set running $24.99 SRP. They don't say, but we're sure it's the complete series of the animated program, since the show only lasted for one season of 16 episodes lasting a half-hour each. There's no release date yet; it merely says, "This title has not yet been released. You may pre-order it now and we will deliver it to you when it arrives." Our thanks to prolific tipster Jackson Burnett for finding this, and letting us know! Here's the cover art:

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The Oddball Couple

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