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The O.C. - Fan-Hated S4 Artwork Reappears As A Target-Exclusive 'Deluxe' Release

Is More Bonus Material Enough To Make Fans Want This Box Cover?

Posted by David Lambert
Tomorrow (May 22nd) is the release of The O.C. - The Complete 4th Season, but Target's weekly ad is showing that they will have a choice for fans: get the standard DVD edition that every other retailer is offering, or else get a Target-exclusive "Deluxe Edition" that the ad says is just $3 more (at least for this week, at promotional prices) and will include "Over half an hour of never-before-seen interviews." You can see that in the ad screen capture below, and The O.C. certainly goes along with the "summer fun" theme that Target's ad circular is centered around this week:

The O.C. - The Complete 4th Season: Target Exclusive Deluxe Edition from weekly ad circular
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What's "the catch" here? As you can see from the ad, the cover art for the Target "deluxe" version of the release is made from the original cover art that Warner planned to use for the general release, and which fans hated so much that they got Warner to change it. So the cost to get the extra half hour of interviews isn't just a few's also to decide if you can live with the box art that most fans consider inferior.

Here at TVShowsOnDVD, we've tried in the past year to move away (far away) from talking about these retailer-exclusive bonus items (like the bonus disc Target is also offering this week for Warner's re-release of Roots). But we decided to make an exception for this one, because it was such a hot topic for our readers to get that cover art changed. Ironic that Warner's provided the Target-exclusive version with that art. Oh, it probably wasn't meant to be hurtful to fans...more than likely it was a matter of "here, this is ready to go; use this." You know: it's just business.

Thanks to all of our readers who wrote in yesterday and overnight, making sure we knew about this Target version of the release.

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