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Night Court - The Final Gavel Bangs Down from Judge Harry with 'The Complete 9th Season'

3-DVD set of the final season is now available from the Warner Archives

Posted by David Lambert
    Night Court's ninth and final season sees Judge Harry (HARRY ANDERSON) and company rethinking careers and companions, while Bull (RICHARD MOLL) stumbles through the wedding china on his way to matrimonial bliss. It's a good thing Bull has Harry, Mac (CHARLES ROBINSON), Roz (MARSHA WARFIELD) , Christine (MARKIE POST) and even Dan (JOHN LARROQUETTE) on hand to get him to the altar on time.

    While Harry considers a career in higher education, Christine takes a look at Congress as Dan rethinks his commitment to his primary field of interest (it's spelled S-E-X). Meanwhile ditzy-but-stunning court steno Lisette (JOLEEN LUTZ) is harboring a secret of her own, one that concerns a prominent member of the cast. And what on Earth do aliens want with Bull?

    Mel Torme, Gilbert Gottfried, and Stephen Root are all found among the season's memorable guest-stars. But as the final hour airs - and the cast depart for different climes, whither Judge Harry? A 3-Disc, 22-Episode Collection.
The classic (and hilarious!) award-winning program somehow didn't sell well enough when the first three seasons of the show were released to retail via traditional manufacturing methods. But THIS fan of the sitcom - one of my absolute favorites! - is grateful to Warner for sticking with it and making it all the way to the final bang of the gavel with today's Warner Archive release of Night Court - The Complete 9th Season. Yes, beginning today - June 11th - you can use the button link below to purchase your copy of the 3-disc set with all 22 episodes, including the two-part series finale which aired back-to-back.

A side note here to longtime Night Court fans: when I say "series finale" above, we all think of how NBC aired the next-to-last episode ("The 1992 Boat Show") AFTER the series finale ("Opportunity Knock Knocks," Parts 1 and 2) was broadcast...which kind-of makes "Boat Show" the actual finale. As a big fan myself, I am HOPING that the Warner Archive has put this back into the proper order on the DVDs, with "Boat Show" prior to "Opportunity," so the impact of the intended last episode is felt (without something else coming afterward). But the good news with TV-DVDs is that it might take a bit of extra work, but you can still play the individual episodes in any order you prefer!

Night Court - The Complete 9th Season is priced at $29.95 SRP, and the package art is shown below. Besides guest stars named in the studio description above like Mel Tormé, Gilbert Gottfried, and Stephen Root, also keep an eye out for M.C. Gainey (Lost), Cristine Rose (Heroes), Nancy Marchand (The Sopranos), and Phil Leeds (Ally McBeal).

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Night Court - The Complete 9th Season

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