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New Zoo Revue - 'It's The New Zoo Revue, Comin' Right At You!'

Posted by David Lambert
Those words opened the theme song - and the show - for The New Zoo Revue. Doug, Emmy Jo, Freddie the Frog, Henrietta Hippo, and Charlie the Owl were the stars of this syndicated childrens' series that began in 1971 and ran for several years.

This classic kids' show has already been released on DVD once before, by Delta Entertainment, in 4 single-disc releases with 3 episodes on each DVD. Those were a couple of years ago, though, and they were hard-to-find and not very well received at all.

Now BCI Eclipse does it right. They are excited and proud to get into the TV-on-DVD arena in a bigger way than ever before, releasing The New Zoo Revue - Season 1 in unique Limited Edition packaging which starts with a slipcase containing a sound module to play a portion of the memorable opening theme song. Remove the outer slipcase, and you'll find inside of it 3 double-hub, super-slim (7mm) DVD cases. Open up those three "double thinpak" cases and you'll then find 6 double-sided DVDs which contain an unprecedented 59 half-hour episodes from the award-winning first season of the show.

Sound expensive? It's not! Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price is just $39.98 for all of this. When can you buy it? Soon enough: August 24th is the street date. Here's artwork of the main box and the thinpaks inside:

News Graphic

I remember the show quite fondly from my youth, and I'm excited to introduce my 1st-grade-age son to it. Since the series hasn't been widely circulated for quite some time, here is a brief history of the New Zoo Revue (edited from the BCI Eclipse press release, with some additional information which our own research has provided):
    The beginning of New Zoo Revue came in 1969 when Barbara Atlas was called by KWHY-TV in Los Angeles to design consumer product for a children's show. Barbara viewed the show four times, and then made the station a startling offer: she wasn't interested in designing for the show. She wanted a 13-week contract to design her own show. The station agreed, and New Zoo Revue was born, with Freddie the Frog, then Henrietta Hippo and Charlie the Owl. Doug Momary and his wife Emily "Emmy Jo" Peden (they married at the start of the show's production!) were the human cast members - the authority figures - with Doug writing storylines, words and music for the show. Other human cast members included Chuck Woolery (Wheel of Fortune, Love Connection, The Dating Game) as Mr. Dingle, the Postmaster, and Fran Ryan (Green Acres, Gunsmoke, General Hospital) as the nosy neighbor, Mrs. Goodbody.

    The Emmy award-winning
    New Zoo Revue debuted in syndication in the U.S. in 1971 and has reached more than 100 million viewers. The musical show is known for teaching values as a way of life for young people. Unlike shows such as Sesame Street or Electric Company, which concentrate on counting and reading skills, New Zoo Revue teaches values - a way of life for young people - with episodes having such titles as "Fairness," "Manners," "Courage" and "Imagination."

    Endorsements and Awards Earned by
    New Zoo Revue:
    • FCC Instructional Rating, September 20, 1971
    • Endorsement from the National Education Association, 1971
    • Four Star Rating from the National PTA Review Board, October 4, 1978
    • Two White House Appearances: Traditional Easter Egg Roll on the East Lawn 1972, and White House Christmas Party in the Blue Room - December, 1972

    This show teaches your kids to: Acquire good values like kindness, consideration, honesty and discipline; Enhance self-esteem and self-acceptance; Appreciate the cultural differences, attitudes and beliefs of others; Learn to identify and evaluate the pros and cons of choices and actions; Become aware of the effect their actions have on friendships and associations with others; Learn that life is made up of a mixture of good and bad experiences, and that they have the power to handle and overcome anything that happens.

Our thanks to BCI Eclipse, a Navarre Corporation Company, for sending over the announcement and materials for this release. Boy, looking at that cover art sure brings back memories!

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