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The New Three Stooges - The 'Complete Cartoon Collection' of the '60s Animated Show!

5-disc set with bonus CD of Stooge songs is coming this October

Posted by David Lambert
Over the years, as live-action shorts of The Three Stooges have come to DVD, we've often been asked by our readers about why we haven't covered those releases. Our pat answer has been that if you delve into Stooge history, you find that the live-action shorts never actually had a formal TV program surrounding their airing...not on network, and not in syndication. Rather, the shorts were made available to programs to buy for syndication, but show in any format they wanted. If a local channel in your town wanted to put them together in a half-hour block, that's how you saw it. Other markets might have used the shorts as "filler" in the middle of the night, between the late movie and the late-late movie (or comparable ways of taking up a few minutes' worth of space, perhaps on a Sunday morning between programs). So, as we've told our readers who asked, we've never had an actual TV series called The Three Stooges to tie the DVD releases to, except for the '60s cartoon show The New Three Stooges. And we promised to bring news of a DVD release for that animated program to our site when and if it ever got announced. Well, it finally has! Here's an excerpt from the studio description:
    THE NEW THREE STOOGES featured animated cartoons with the voices of Stooges Larry, Moe and Curly Joe, as well as real footage 'wraparounds' of the three burlesque greats performing short skits to accompany the cartoons. Now, for the first time ever, this collection features all 156 cartoons, plus all 40 live action sequences in the 52 22-minute episodes as they originally aired. Perfect for collectors as well as the entire family, this special embossed package also includes a BONUS CD featuring 10 kids singalong songs and 10 Christmas songs performed by the Stooges.
The New Three Stooges - Complete Cartoon Collection is coming from Image Madacy Entertainment (a part of RLJ Entertainment), and it will be available on October 15th. The 5-disc set (with the aforementioned Bonus Full-Length CD with Sing-a-Long and Christmas Songs) will cost $29.98 SRP. Here's the packaging:

The New Three Stooges - Complete Cartoon Collection

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