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The New Animated Adventures of Flash Gordon - Flash Gordon Gets The 'He-Man' Treatment: Deluxe Set To Ship In July!

Posted by David Lambert
BCI has issued a press release, below, detailing their July 18th release of the 1979 animated Flash Gordon series. Released by Hearst Entertainment and produced by Filmation, it starred voice actors such as "She-Ra" herself, Melendy Britt, as the Princess Aura, as well as Alan Oppenheimer as both "Ming The Merciless" and "Dr. Hans Zarkov." Wow, Oppenheimer is used to pulling down multiple voice roles in cartoons: for He-Man he voiced "Skeletor," "Man-At-Arms" AND "Cringer/Battlecat"! He was also the original "Dr. Rudy Wells" on The Six Million Doctor Man, as some of you may recall. Getting back to Flash Gordon, though, you may also recognize the voice of Diane Pershing as "Dale Arden," since she's played the voice of "Poison Ivy" in the various DC Comics Animated Universe shows from Batman: TAS to Justice League. Robert Ridgely stars in the lead voice roles as both "Flash Gordon" and "Prince Barin."

In the press release, you'll see that it mentions us here at TVShowsOnDVD as being affilliated with a contest that BCI plans to run for this release and their new "Ink & Paint" line of DVD sets. Plans for the contest are still being put together, but at this time our role is more on the promotional side. More details to come soon! Here's the cover art for this exciting release, which gets the "deluxe" treatment that BCI has done amazining well with on their He-Man releases. Fans of this show will no doubt go gaa-gaa over this set. If you're not a fan of this series, the fantastic set that BCI is putting together might just convince you to give it a try!

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April 26, 2006



Series Animated by Filmation,
Creators of He-Man and She-Ra

Complete 24-Episode Series Available in
Four-Disc Set July 18th for $39.98

Los Angeles, CA – He's been one of the country's most iconic superheroes for 72 years, and now, for the first time in the U.S., Flash Gordon is heading to DVD! BCI, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Navarre Corporation, and Hearst Entertainment, proudly present "Flash Gordon—The Complete Series," a four-disc, 24 episode boxed set available July 18th at a suggested retail price of $39.98. "Flash Gordon" is the latest title to be released from BCI's new "Ink & Paint" brand of animated series.

"In the pantheon of science fiction heroes, Flash Gordon is one of the most famous in history," said Jeff Hayne, Director of Acquisitions. "The groundbreaking animated series by Filmation closely followed Alex Raymond's original vision, and is hailed by critics as one of the best adaptations of the legendary character ever created. We're proud to bring this excellent series to DVD, due both to its quality and the fact that adults and children can enjoy it equally. And we've loaded this complete set with special features to expand the viewing experience!"

"Flash Gordon—The Complete Series" features all 24 episodes of the 1979-1981 animated series by Filmation. The creation of Alex Raymond, the classic science fiction comic strip character debuted in 1934, and has spawned three 1930s movie serials, a 1950s live-action feature film and TV series, a 1980 feature film, starring Sam Jones, Max von Sydow and Timothy Dalton, and a 1996 animated series. George Lucas has often cited Flash Gordon as one of his main inspirations for the Star Wars films.

As with their best-selling He-Man and She_Ra releases, BCI has secured the services of prominent DVD consultant and best-selling author Andy Mangels, to provide the added collectible features. The abundance of special features in this ultimate Flash Gordon DVD set include:
  • "Blasting off with Flash Gordon!"— A 20-minute documentary featuring interviews with creators and historians about Flash Gordon.
  • Three episodic commentary tracks—"A Planet in Peril," "Sir Gremlin," and "Gremlin's Finest Hour" — with executive producer Lou Scheimer, writer Tom Ruegger, writer Michael Reaves, animator Darrell McNeil, and host Andy Mangels.
  • Interactive storyboard-to-clip comparison of various action sequences
  • Extensive gallery of original model sheets for all main heroes and villains
  • Detailed profiles of various characters (deleted creatures and artifacts)
  • Trivia and fun facts
  • Two collectible 4x6 exclusive Flash Gordon art cards by acclaimed comic artists Frank Cho and Gene Ha
  • Easter Eggs
  • DVD ROM Features—scripts, storyboards and the complete series Bible (PDF format, PC/Mac readable)
  • Bonus Preview: Episode #1—"Escape from Mongo"—from the series Defenders of the Earth

"Flash Gordon—The Complete Series" follows the adventures of the heroic Earthman Flash Gordon, who travels with the lovely Dale Arden and scientist Hans Zarkov to the distant planet of Mongo. There, they must team up with Thun, savage leader of the Lion Men, dashing Prince Barin, leader of Arboria, and Vultan, King of the Hawkmen as they battle the ruthless and evil Emperor Ming the Merciless, ruler of Mongo. Complicating matters is the alluring Princess Aura who often plays both sides against each other. On the exotic Mongo, Ming's army of robots aren't the only menace, as dinosaurs, witch women, amphibious Gillmen, rock creatures, and two-headed Tsaks also imperil the heroes!

The "Flash Gordon—The Complete Series" DVD set will launch in July at the San Diego Comic-Con, and be supported by an online and print marketing campaign, including Toyfare Magazine and Wizard Magazine. Flash Gordon will also be tagged in the national television campaign for She-Ra. In addition to PR blasts to local and national newspapers, magazines and DVD/entertainment websites, an internet viral campaign will be created to raise awareness that will include reviews, contests/giveaways and streaming video. The new Ink & Paint website will prominently feature the title and run a contest affiliated with

About Navarre Corporation
Navarre Corporation is a publisher and distributor of a broad range of home entertainment and multimedia products, including PC software, CD audio, DVD video, VHS video, video games and accessories. Since its founding in 1983, the company has established distribution relationships with customers across a wide spectrum of retail channels which includes mass merchants, discount, wholesale clubs, office and music superstores, military and e-tailers nationwide. The company currently provides its products to over 18,000 retail and distribution center locations throughout the United States and Canada. Navarre has recently expanded its business to include the licensing and publishing of home entertainment and multimedia content, primarily through the acquisitions of Encore Software, Inc., BCI Eclipse Company, LLC, FUNimation Productions, Ltd. and The FUNimation Store, Ltd. For more information please visit the company's web site at

About BCI
BCI, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Navarre Corporation, is an independent entertainment video and audio supplier. BCI has continually redefined the standards and concepts of this industry, often introducing national success categories through its intuitive mass marketing skills. Its vast collection of titles represents both exclusively licensed titles from around the world, as well as in-house produced CDs and DVDs.

About Hearst Entertainment
Hearst Entertainment has an extensive award-winning movie library, representing the work of more than 75 top independent producers in more than 250 films. In addition, Hearst has a variety of reality and lifestyle series and specials and an animation catalog of over 600 half hours of programming including such classic characters as Popeye, Flash Gordon, Prince Valiant, Betty Boop and Blondie. Hearst Entertainment Productions has become one of the leading producers of documentary and reality programming producing over 100 hours of award-winning and highly rated shows each year. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Actuality Productions, HEP has structured a creative unit that produces top-flight entertainment in a number of genres. Among the new projects on the company's slate are "The Big Build," and "Sahara," for The History Channel, "The Newspaper" for Bravo, "Garden Police" for Discovery Home and "Anatomy of a Natural Disaster" for The National Geographic Channel. Returning shows include The History Channel's "Modern Marvels," one of the networks highest rated series and "Engineering Disasters." For more information, please visit .

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