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The New Adventures of Superman - Filmation's Superman Said To Be Hitting DVD This Summer!

Cartoon Writer Reports June DVDs for The New Adventures of Superman

Posted by David Lambert
Our good friend Earl Kress, award-winning writer of animated fare such as Pinky and the Brain, has posted info at his website about The New Adventures of Superman. This is the 1966 Filmation-produced cartoon which was aired during the CBS Saturday morning lineup, and was the first cartoon series from Filmation to become a breakout hit (but was *not* the first cartoon they ever produced, as many believe; Rocket Rod has that honor, since it was from Lou Scheimer and Hal Sutherland's True Line Productions, which later was renamed Filmation).

For the third time in his life, Bud Collyer voiced the role of Clark Kent/Superman, having done so for the original '40s radio program and for the various Fleischer cartoons. Joan Alexander made the same voyage in all three formats for Lois Lane, although in the Filmation cartoons she split the role with Julie Bennett, according to IMDB trivia. Ted Knight ("Ted Baxter" of The Mary Tyler Moore Show) sometimes narrated these episodes.

According to the info Earl has posted, The New Adventures of Superman will hit DVD on June 26th, along with a similar approach to The New Adventures of Batman. Warner Home Video hasn't officially announced this yet, nor has it even reached our usual sources in the retail industry, but we'll bring that info to you just as soon as we get it, probably next week if that street date is correct. Stay tuned!

Our thanks to longtime reader Greg Chenoweth for the heads-up about Earl's blog post. There's also info there about other Warner animated releases, which we've either covered in the past or else are covering this morning.

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The New Adventures of Superman

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