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The New Adventures of Gilligan - The Filmation Animated Spin-Off, Along With 'Gilligan's Planet', Gets MOD Plans

A Warner Archive post on Facebook reveals that both are coming to DVD

Posted by David Lambert
After the original 1964-1967 Gilligan's Island series left the air, fans were still hungry for more stories about their favorite castaways. In 1978, 1979 and 1981 there were three live-action reunion movies-of-the-week shown on TV, with all of the original cast showing up each time...except for Tina Louise, who wanted to distance herself from the role so as not to be typecast; other actresses played "Ginger" each time. But live-action feature telefilms aren't all that fans got! Filmation produced two different animated spin-off shows: 1974's The New Adventures of Gilligan (24 episodes produced), and 1982's Gilligan's Planet (12 episodes produced). As with the telefilms, Tina Louise didn't return as "Ginger." For Planet, Dawn Wells voiced both "Mary Ann" and "Ginger." For New Adventures, Wells had been unavailable, so Jane Webb voiced both roles (although she was credited as "Jane Edwards" for one of those roles). Red-headed Ginger became blond in the cartoons, so there would be no conflict with Tina Louise over her image being used.

The only DVD release to include any of these episodes so far has been Warner Home Video's 2009 title "Saturday Morning Cartoons: 1970's Vol 2, which had the first episode of New Adventures ("Off Limits"). But fans have been anxious to collect all of these, from both series, one fan went so far as to comment about in a post on the "wall" at the Facebook fan page of the Warner Archive Collection. Knowing that the Warner Archive manufacture-on-demand DVD program is putting out many animated titles right now, Sean Thompson recently told the studio that he "Would love to see complete series releases for New Adventures of Gilligan and Gilligan's Planet." The Facebook post was responded to by the Warner Archive team with this terrific news: "We will be releasing both Gilligan series. New Adventures is first up by Spring!" Sweet info, and we're pleased to pass it along to our readers. We don't have any more to tell you than that right now, but stay tuned and we'll keep you informed as further details surface.

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