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Nature's Most Amazing Events - The BBC/Discovery Channel Follow-Up to Planet Earth on DVD & Blu-ray

Showing on Discovery Channel in May, and then it's on home video in June

Posted by David Lambert
Following up on the huge success of Planet Earth, the BBC and Discovery Channel are putting their heads together once more with Nature's Most Amazing Events. This six-part production has been filmed in high-definition over the course of the past two years, and it runs on Discovery Channel beginning May 29th. You can find out more details here, and get a taste of the content in the online trailer.

The BBC and Warner Home Video will release Nature's Most Amazing Events on DVD and high-def Blu-ray Disc a few weeks later, on June 16th. Each 2-disc set will run approximately 300 minutes, containing these episodes narrated by Sir David Attenborough: "The Great Melt," "The Great Salmon Run," "The Great Migration," "The Great Tide," "The Great Flood" and "The Great Feast." Each episode will also get a ten-minute video diary, showing off the making of that episode. Detailed specs aren't available yet, but the video will be widescreen (and in 1080p high-def for the Blu-ray release), the audio will be English Dolby, and there will be English subtitles as well. Cost is $29.98 SRP for the DVD version, and $34.99 SRP for the Blu-ray version. Following is a look at the package art, and below those pictures are an extended studio description:

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    Combining the epic cinematography of Planet Earth, with emotion, intimacy and powerful storytelling, this series charts the effects of global climatic phenomena which transform entire landscapes, drawing in thousands of animals and determining their fate.

    Witness the planet's most breathtaking natural events, and follow the dramatic wildlife stories behind them. Combining the epic cinematography of Planet Earth, with all the emotion, intimacy and storytelling of a wildlife diary, this series charts the effects of global climatic phenomena which transform entire landscapes, drawing in thousands of animals and determining their fate. State-of-the-art high definition cameras follow the drama at every level, revealing how these unique places form the epicenter of a massive wildlife spectacle.

    Each episode is set in a different part of the world - from the great flood of the Okavango delta to the plankton blooms of the Pacific Ocean, and from the Indian monsoon to the race for survival triggered by the annual Arctic melt - and shows how immense natural forces, often starting thousands of miles away, drive a chain reaction that culminates in a spectacular wildlife event. For some animals, it's a window of opportunity, but for others, it's the most dangerous time of their lives. Follow their emotional, involving stories to a dramatic climax, where their fate will be revealed.

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Nature's Most Amazing Events

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