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Naked City - 3rd Box Set includes Guest Stars like Jack Klugman, Christopher Walken, Jean Stapleton and Dustin Hoffman!

Posted by David Lambert
After the release of a "Set 1" and a "Set 2" DVD set, it should come as no surprise that Image Entertainment is planning on Naked City - Box Set 3 for release on DVD. The street date is March 14th, for a 3-disc set running 624 minutes.

List price is $29.99 in the USA and CA$34.99 in Canada. As always, this show is chock-full of guest stars. Besides show star Paul Burke as Flint, look for Jack Klugman, Joanna Merlin, Eileen Heckart, Eddie Albert, Christopher Walken, Keir Dullea, Robert Culp, Jean Stapleton, Kurt Kasznar, Al Lewis, Roger C. Carmel, Anthony Franciosa, Alice Ghostley, Tom Bosley, and even Dustin Hoffman! Here is the list of episodes:
  • THE VIRTUES OF MADAME DOUVAY: A woman who despises her husband plans to blame him for a murder and run off with his stepbrother until Adam Flint (Paul Burke) and his fellow officers investigate.
  • KING STANISLAUS & THE KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE: Longtime friends Pete (Jack Klugman) and Steve follow an old Polish custom to resolve a bitter argument.
  • HER LIFE IN MOVING PICTURES: After a wealthy man's home is robbed, police find important clues in a diary belonging to the maid, Virginia Cort (Eileen Heckart).
  • ROBIN HOOD AND CLARENCE DARROW, WENT OUT WITH A BOW AND ARROW: Recent widower Earl Johannis (Eddie Albert) faces a gang of thieves when he tries to reach out to his sons, Jack and Chris (Christopher Walken).
  • THE APPLE FALLS NOT FAR FROM THE TREE: Walter Gerrick would do anything to keep his cherished son, Les (Keir Dullea), out of jail, even if he must risk arrest himself.
  • THE HIGHEST OF PRIZES: Richard Calder (Robert Culp) is gleeful after being found not guilty of murdering his wife. But whether he can truly escape the crime remains to be seen.
  • ON THE BATTLEFRONT EVERY MINUTE IS IMPORTANT: Korsica (Kurt Kasznar) bungles a major robbery, which erupts into violence. Meanwhile, Detective Adam Flint gets a lucrative job offer.
  • NO NAKED LADIES IN FRONT OF GIOVANNI'S HOUSE: Hanging out in a college town, Ben Giovanni is enjoying an extended adolescence and will do anything to avoid marriage, even socking his tenant (Al Lewis) in the eye.
  • THE S.S. AMERICAN DREAM: George Paraskis feels he can make his lifelong dreams come true by restoring an old cargo ship, but when things go horribly wrong, he robs a loan shark (Roger C. Carmel).
  • ONE, TWO, THREE, RITA RAKAHOWSKI: Tony Franciosa is Gorilla, a stock boy who sets off a small riot after vying with the business owner for the affection of Rita Rakahowski.
  • GOLDEN LADS AND GIRLS: After two men are arrested for beating their wives, the judge (Tom Bosley) orders them to get much-needed therapy, which they continue to resist..
  • BAREFOOT ON A BED OF COALS: Barber Stanley Walenty desperately wants to be a policeman. He dons a patrolman?s uniform to wound a holdup man and then faces off against a killer.

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