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Mysterious Cities of Gold - What's the Status of Mysterious Cities in the USA? We've Got an Update!

Classic '80s Nickelodeon series still planned, but work continues to find a distributor

Posted by David Lambert
It's been a long time - too long! - since we last updated you about the status of Mysterious Cities of Gold on DVD. In our last report in December, we let you know that Fabulous Films of the U.K. was planning to release the title there in March, at the HMV chain of stores (an operation that's similar to, for example, F.Y.E. here in the USA). It launched on time there, and shot straight to the #1 position on HMV's video sales charts. I've had a look at that Region 2 release, which is now being sold widely over there (not just at HMV), and I can tell you that it's an absolutely terrific set. That package has also been released in Australia, through Umbrella Entertainment, where the first printing run had sold out completely within just 10 days.

So, what's happening with the USA release? Several sharp-eyed readers have noticed that an Amazon listing has appeared within the last 24 hours for this title. While it's not taking pre-orders yet, it clearly is now showing a release date of September 2nd. Wow...that's just a week and a half away!

But it's incorrect.

Fabulous Films has been working to find a USA distributor for this set, and here at TVShowsOnDVD both Gord and I have done our best to help them with getting contact info for the correct acquisitions people at various studios. It's premature for us to name those studios, of course, because negotiations are ongoing. But we know that meetings and discussions have taken place, including recently (as in the last few weeks), and continue to move in a positive direction. But no deal has been finalized yet, and therefore there is no way that this release could happen in the USA by the September date. We've been on the phone today to our friends at Fabulous Films, and they've confirmed that this is the case. The current planned timeframe for release of Mysterious Cities of Gold in the States is Quarter 1, 2009.

It's also worth mentioning that Fabulous Films has begun planning on a pair of follow-up U.K. releases for animated shows that were popular on Nickelodeon back in the '80s, at roughly the same time as MCoG was. Those two series are Belle & Sebastian, and also Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea. We're sure many of you recognize those titles! Fab Films hopes that any distribution deal reached in the USA for MCoG could also include provisions for releasing DVDs for those other two programs, as well. IF those releases get announced for this side of the ocean, we'll be sure to post news for them separately.

Stay tuned, because there IS a lot going on with this, despite the lack of our updates, which we apologize for. We'll let you know as further developments occur!

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