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The Munsters - Back From The Dead! Image's First Family Of Fright Returns To Sched...2 Years Later!

Posted by David Lambert
Gather 'round the campfire, kids, while I tell you a spooky story. You see, it was a long time ago, back in the Summer of 2004, that Image Entertainment first revealed that they were gonna release a DVD called The Munsters - America's First Family of Fright near the end of August of that year. It was to be a disc full of "extras," not episodes...aimed squarely at fans and collectors of The Munsters.

But something weird happened, because when the beginning of August '04 rolled around, Image said that this release was deader than a hammer. Now, at the time, some of us didn't want to believe it could really be dead, so we did a little investigating. Sure enough, it *was* dead, but not forgotten...we learned that Image had "voluntarily pulled" the plug on the release because Universal was preparing their Munsters - The Complete 1st Season DVD set at the same time, and Universal feared there would be confusion in the marketplace. To make up for it, the four main featurettes on the first disc of Image's 2-disc set were included on Universal's Munsters - The Complete 2nd Season set that came out a year later...a ghost of what Image was going to provide in their original plans, to be sure.

Now the First Family of Fright DVD has been resurrected from the dead! Image Entertainment has announced that October 10, 2006 will finally see the release of the originally-planned 2-disc set, exactly the way it was going to be released two years ago!
    Your favorite TV ghouls have arrived on DVD with this fright-tastic two-disc set!

    Disc One features Four Amazing Looks at the Munsters:
    • "The Munsters: America's First Family of Fright": Featuring rare behind-the-scenes footage, new and archival interviews with the cast, candid photographs, a look at the show's merchandising bonanza and much more!
    • "Fred Gwynne: More than a Munster": A look at the lovable actor from "Car 54, Where Are You?," My Cousin Vinny and Pet Sematary who became TV's most unexpected lovable dad; including rare scenes from his TV shows and films plus the rarely seen "Munsters" pilot.
    • "Yvonne DeCarlo: Gilded Lily": A look at the dazzling Hollywood star who became a TV icon; featuring spectacular film and TV clips, rare photographs and interviews with family and friends.
    • "Al Lewis: Forever Grandpa": A rare peek at the pop-culture icon revealing the story behind one of TV's most memorable and beloved actors.

    Disc Two with Hours of Eerie Extras:
    • "My Fair Munster" unaired pilot plus 3 Different Presentations in Black and White and Color
    • Unaired Main Title Sequence (Pilot Version)
    • CBS Network Promos
    • The Munsters in Several Vintage TV Special Appearances
      • "Seven Wonderful Nights" (CBS Special with Buddy Ebsen)
      • "Wayne & Schuster Take an Affectionate Look at the Monsters"
      • "Marineland Carnival" (CBS Special)
      • "Big G, Little O"
      • "It's What's Happening, Baby" (with "Murray the K")
      • "We Don't Knock" (with Lenny Clarke)
    • Universal Newsreels
    • Syndication TV Spots
    • Munster, Go Home! Theatrical Trailer and TV Spots

Cost for this 2-DVD set is $24.99 SRP. Total running time should be 176 minutes. Here's a look at the box art, which has remained unchanged after all this time:

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