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Moonlighting - Lions Gate confirms May for Seasons 1 & 2! Original Music to be included!

Posted by David Lambert
Back in early December, the folks at posted this banner, proclaiming the May arrival of Moonlighting - Seasons 1 and 2 and DVD:

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While they stated that their info was "confirmed by Lions Gate Exec. Director of Marketing on 12/02/05," we weren't so lucky. In our follow-up story a couple of weeks later, we passed on that "We called Lions Gate Home Entertainment to confirm this information, but we were told that a date hasn't been set, though May is a possibility. " Otherwise, we knew that extras were in the works, and that "Lions Gate is taking great care with the series," but didn't have any further details.

Now we have confirmation of's information from a trade magazine source! In an article (registration required) posted yesterday to their online site, Video Business passed on this word:
    Lions Gate Home Entertainment...announced that it has acquired rights for DVD releases of popular '80s series Moonlighting, the first two seasons of which it will release in May. Series star Bruce Willis is expected to participate in the DVD extras.

    "In the last year, the TV on DVD category grew tremendously. As a result, we're seeing a lot of TV programming being released and it seems like everyone's grabbing for everything," said Steve Beeks, Lions Gate Entertainment president. "[Moonlighting] is an anomaly. This is one of those true gems of the industry."

Continuing further down in the Video Business story, writer Jennifer Netherby fills us in on the backstory of this title's journey to season set DVDs, and assures us that the original music will be intact on this release:
    Moonlighting almost didn't make it to disc because of a tangle of music rights issues, series creator Glenn Caron said.

    Anchor Bay Entertainment, which first licensed the show from Disney for DVD release, put out the pilot episode and then planned a compilation release featuring shows that included no music, Caron said. Caron declined to take part, calling it "an odd collection" and wanting the show released intact. After Anchor Bay abandoned its release plans, Lions Gate stepped in, acquiring DVD rights for all five seasons of the show.

    All original music will be on the first two season releases. Caron and Willis are participating in bonus materials for the DVD, which is just going into production. Caron said he also hopes to get Cybill Shepherd and others from the show to take part.

It's unclear from the above quotes whether Lions Gate will follow Anchor Bay's release pattern for Three's Company, in releasing the short first season (the double-length Moonlighting pilot plus five other episodes) in its own box, or if they will instead combine them with the 18 episodes from the second season into a single box set, a la Warner Brothers' Dallas. Based on how the folks at talk about it, our guess is "one box for both seasons." Stay tuned, though, and we'll bring you details once Lions Gate makes their formal annoucement!

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