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The Monkees - Update About Eagle Rock's DVDs Clears Up Our Readers' Questions

The new Season 1 and Season 2 sets will be true re-releases, we're informed

Posted by David Lambert
A couple of weeks ago we brought you cover art for, and new details about, Eagle Rock's upcoming releases of The Monkees - Season 1 and The Monkees - Season 2 on DVD, both of which are scheduled for September 27th. The update, however, brought just as many questions for some fans as it did answers!

Chief among the questions had to do with the Season 2 box cover, shown again below: the text mentions "25" episodes, but the show ran for 26 episodes in its second (and final) season. So is that a typo, or would an episode be left out for some reason? What about the 1969 reunion telefilm "33⅓ Revolutions Per Monkee," which was included on Rhino's old DVD sets for this show: will it be included? How about the 1968 theatrical film Head, or the 1997 TV special "Hey, Hey, It's the Monkees": will they be included?

Some fans asked whether the footage of these episodes would all be "as-originally-broadcast," or will they be the "censored Saturday-morning versions" which Rhino used before on both DVD and VHS (and which were used elsewhere in the world, including on laser-discs of this program that had once been released in Japan). The most common example of this is the first season episode "Too Many Girls," where some breast cleavage displayed by "Fern" was cropped out and/or blurred so as to de-emphasize her low neckline...relatively tame, honestly, by any standards either then or now. But apparently they made this change for the younger crowd who would watch Saturday morning reruns of the show. However, original versions of the footage still exist to this day; will the new DVD restore it? Fans also asked about music, of course, and wondered about bonus material for these two releases. We sent all these questions to our press release contacts with Eagle Rock Entertainment, and today we've gotten an answer.

What we found out is that Eagle Rock is actually re-releasing the exact same DVDs which Rhino put out back in 2003. So the episode counts (32 for Season 1 and 26 for Season 2) will be the same, and so will the edits: the same music, the same footage (including the unfortunate blurring and cropping of Fern's decolletage), and yes, the same extras: band/director commentary tracks, trivia for each episode, the Monkees pilot in its 16mm version, a discography, vintage Monkees Kelloggs commercials, and the 1969 special "33⅓ Revolutions Per Monkee." Everything ought to be exactly the way Rhino's DVDs had them, according to what we've been told; just in different packaging.

We hope this clears things up for all the fans who have been asking! We supposed updated/corrected cover art for Eagle Rock's version of Season 2 will come along in the near future. In the meantime, here's a look at what they've previously provided:

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