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Mission: Impossible - Season 3 announced for November

Own it November 20

Posted by Gord Lacey
    The head of the "Impossible Missions Force," a top-secret government group of operatives, starts a tape recorder and finds out about his latest assignment. Throughout most of the series, they would have to stop some petty dictator or powerful bad guy from whatever evil plot they had against the U.S. or Democracy in general. The elaborate use of electronic gadgetry, masters of disguise and detailed plans that require split-second timing made this tv show an "on the edge of your seater"!
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to purchase the third season of Mission: Impossible on November 20. Featuring 1254 minutes of entertainment, the third season set includes 25 episodes:
  1. The Heir Apparent
  2. The Contenders (Part 1)
  3. The Contenders (Part 2)
  4. The Mercenaries
  5. The Execution
  6. The Cardinal
  7. The Elixir
  8. The Diplomat
  9. The Play
  10. The Bargain
  11. The Freeze
  12. The Exchange
  13. The Mind of Stefan Miklos
  14. The Test Case
  15. The System
  16. The Glass Cage
  17. Doomsday
  18. Live Bait
  19. The Bunker (Part 1)
  20. The Bunker (Part 2)
  21. Nitro
  22. Nicole
  23. The Vault
  24. Illusion
  25. The Interrogator
Guest stars in the third season include Robert Conrad (The Wild Wild West), Sugar Ray Robinson (boxer), Vic Tayback (Alice), Barbara Babcock (Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman), Sid Haig (Jason of Star Command), Ed Asner (The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Martin Sheen (The West Wing), Lee Meriwether (The Time Tunnel), Joe E. Tata (Beverly Hills, 90210), and many, many more.

We hope to have cover art soon.

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