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Five Mile Creek - Louis L'Amour-based show (with a young Nicole Kidman!) comes to DVD

Posted by David Lambert
Five Mile Creek was filmed in Australia by 7 Network, and adapted from Louis L'Amour's classic Western book The Cherokee Trail. The program ran about 45 minutes per episode, lasting for 39 installments over the course of 3 seasons that aired from 1983 to 1985. It was one of the first 5 acting jobs for Nicole Kidman, a bright young Australian actress who has obviously gone places since then! She wasn't considered one of the major stars of the series, though: the main cast consisted of Louise Caire Clark, Rod Mullinar, Liz Burch, Michael Caton, Priscilla Weems, Martin Lewis, Gus Mercurio, and Jay Kerr. This family-friendly television series tells the story of settlers who attempt to tame the Australian wilderness and get a stagecoach line working. In the USA, Disney has brought this series to lots of adoring fans of all ages for years, and now they are bringing it out on DVD!

Expect a 4-DVD set to arrive on November 8th, running 39.99 SRP. Video is in the original 1.33:1 aspect ratio, and sound will be Dolby 2.0 Stereo, with both English and French soundtracks available. Extras, if any, were not mentioned. Stay tuned and we'll bring you more information, and cover art, when it's available.

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Five Mile Creek

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