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Mighty Mouse, The New Adventures - Here He Comes, To DVD!

Complete Series is on the way for the 1987 Ralph Bakshi classic

Posted by David Lambert
    Famed cartoonist Ralph Bakshi revived the Mighty Mouse cartoon character for a series of humorous and satirical adventures on Saturday morning TV, and gave Mighty Mouse a true identity (Mike Mouse, a worker at Pearl Pureheart’s factory), a new sidekick, new friends...and new villains. This series is memorable and beloved as a huge springboard for the many cartoonists and animators who would later become famous in their own right.
In case you see a garbled character at the beginning and again at the end of the headline up above, those are supposed to musical notes (NOTE: they were garbled for many readers; we've removed them). Mighty Mouse always sang his song of rescue: "Here I come, to save the day!" Now, he's singing his way to DVD, courtesy of Paramount Home Video.

Ralph Bakshi (Wizards, Lord of the Rings) was behind this 1987 version fo the show, where Mighty Mouse is voiced by Patrick Pinney (G.I. Joe), and other voice cast includes Maggie Roswell (The Simpsons), Mona Marshall (South Park), Dana Hill (Duckman) and Michael Pataki (Star Trek's "Korax").

The January 5th release of Mighty Mouse, The New Adventures - The Complete Series comes on 3 DVDs, with every installment of the Saturday morning cartoon digitally remastered and presented in the original full screen video format. This release also includes several extras! First up are 3 Bonus Mighty Mouse cartoons, from the original Terry Toons theatrical shorts, "chosen from the Paramount vaults and restored for this release" (per info supplied to retailers).

Also included is a Featurette, described this way in the studio's information: "Includes loads of interviews and audio commentaries from show contributors who went on to become animation's best and brightest such as Andrew Stanton (Finding Nemo), Jim Reardon (Wall-E), John Kricfalusi (Ren & Stimpy) and Tim Minton (Tiny Toons)." We also have heard that animation historian Jerry Beck may have somehow been involved in this release; he's always a valuable contributor to collections such as these!

Pricing and package art have not been made available just yet, Stay tuned and we'll update you just as soon as we can!

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